These are the Top 5 Thyroid articles

As a thyroid expert, I’m happy to speak my truth and share healing knowledge with you.

It’s good for me to know what you are looking for and what piques your interest, so we gathered the Top 5 most searched thyroid articles on my website this year.

There is no reason for you to be suffering with uncomfortable symptoms, chained to a drug for the rest of your life, or subjected to any unnecessary surgery.

Read through these Top 5 articles and take the wisdom that speaks to you.

I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with your body, mind, and spirit to support your thyroid healing journey.

#5 – Coffee and Thyroid Disease is NOT a Good Mix

My hypothyroid and hashimotos clients tell me that they simply cannot give up coffee.

They feel exhausted and coffee is the only thing that gives them a boost of energy to get up and get moving in the morning.

Coffee is also the only thing that helps them have a good BM. Without that morning java, their bowel movements get backed up.

There are many things to be considered here before reaching for the coffee pot.

The first is… why are you feeling so exhausted in the first place?

The thyroid is a messenger. It may be slowing the bodily processes down for a reason. Get to the root cause before you deplete ALL of your energy.

#4 – Herbal Tea for Hyperthyroid

For the past 20 years hypothyroid and hashimoto’s thyroiditis have been leading the way in diagnoses.

But, over the past few years there has a been a large increase in hyperthyroid and graves diagnoses.

One of the main reasons for this is high stress. You can use this tea to help your body, mind and nervous system calm down.

You can even use this tea if you do NOT have hyperthyroid but you are feeling the effects of being highly stressed out.

#3 – Hypothyroid is Preventable and Reversible

Thyroid disease is preventable and reversible, but most people have not been informed.

Many people believe that if the thyroid is out of balance the only way to get back into balance is by taking prescription medication for hypothyroid and hashimotos.

The option above will never heal a thyroid condition or get to the root cause of why the gland is not functioning well.

Similar to heart disease and type II diabetes, it’s imperative look into diet and lifestyle improvements and get to the root cause of the condition to heal the imbalance.

If you are suffering with some form of thyroid disease, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and figure out why your gland is malfunctioning in the first place. This article will give you clarity: Hypothyroid is Preventable and Reversible

#2 – Liver Cleanse is Essential to Healing Thyroid Conditions

For optimized thyroid health, it’s imperative that we support both our liver and gallbladder to keep the whole body functioning well.

The gallbladder supports the liver by storing and concentrating bile that will be used for the process of digestion and absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, and to buffer stomach acids.

“Finnish researchers found that hypothyroidism is seven times more likely in individuals with reduced bile flow. Release of bile triggers the release of an enzyme that converts T4 into T3, the usable form of thyroid hormone. Those who improve their bile enjoy a whopping 53 percent bump in metabolism.”[1]

This is one of the main reasons I have the participants in my thyroid program do a short liver cleanse. Read on for more details: Liver Cleanse is Essential to Thyroid

#1 – Do Green Protein Powders Negatively Impact the Thyroid?

Apparently, green protein powders are a red-hot topic and the #1 article for thyroid health!

So many people are short on time and often try to get their nutrition by drinking a quick protein shake.

Unfortunately, those protein powders don’t work for everyone – especially if you have a thyroid condition and you are feeling bloated and not digesting well.

With a cold digestive fire, you can make your thyroid condition worse by drinking green smoothies with green protein powders. Read on here: Do Green Protein Powders Negatively Impact Thyroid?

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