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What our pets teach us during crises

I’ve got a rescue pup. Her name is Rumi – we call her Roo. When we first picked her up from Muddy Paws Rescue, she was a petrified little creature. Any fast movement or loud noise and she would practically jump out of her fur! With a lot of love, patience, and a lot more…


Is fear dominating our conversation?

I was driving to a family holiday party (yes, we gathered with family in larger than accepted numbers), and from the back seat, my nephew exclaimed, “Oh no! The virus mutated and now it’s even more contagious!” He was reading a headline from a news story that was posted on someone’s Facebook feed. I read…


Recipes you LOVED in 2019!

My team went through the numbers and compiled the Top 5 Recipes in 2019. Here they are for you in all of their healthful and delicious glory.


Top Health Articles in 2019!

I’ve got a lot to say about health and wellness and have been sharing my alternative and natural healing perspective for over 20 years! Here are my top articles for you to digest and mull over.