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Recipes you LOVED in 2019!

I love to eat. You love to eat. We all love to eat for gosh sakes! And, even better, I know that you love to eat great food that is both nutritious and delicious (and made with love, of course). So, my team went through the numbers and compiled the Top 5 Recipes in 2019.…


Top Health Articles in 2019!

I’ve got a lot to say about health and wellness and have been sharing my alternative and natural healing perspective for over 20 years. I truly love this work, sharing healing knowledge with you! Some articles that I’ve written have been deemed too controversial for some folks, and some have been shared like crazy on…


You’ve got extremely high liver enzymes? Do this…

A family member contacted me for advice. She was experiencing nausea and pain under her right ribcage, so she scheduled a check-up with her MD. After testing, her doctor confirmed that she had a cyst on her liver and extremely elevated liver enzymes. Usually, when family members contact me for advice they never actually apply…


If you believe you cannot grow, think again.

Nature inspires me. Even in the harshest and seemingly uninhabitable conditions, she has a way of flourishing. For example, take a look at this little plant. It is growing in a tiny crack on a sidewalk that is completely covered in concrete. It’s not growing in what would be considered an ideal environment. And, yet……


Do you eat starchy carbs?

Over the past decade, carbs have been demonized. Especially, by the Paleo, AIP and Ketogenic communities. Here’s what they don’t know…


Do you have boundless energy?

This specific internal energy isn’t fueled by eating the latest superfood or by drinking stimulants like coffee and tea, it comes from tapping into what drives you at your core.