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Psychological impact of masking on our humanity

We’ve been warned to “mask up” to prevent the spread of C*vid. We’ve been chastised at stores for not wearing masks and for potentially putting other people at risk. We’ve been told over and over again since the beginning of 2020 that masks are essential for stopping the spread of C*vid, the novel c*ronavirus. But, […]


Can humans be programmed?

I recently received a thought-provoking question from a woman that said, “I’m curious to know why you would bother not wearing a mask in CVS knowing it would likely draw other peoples’ ire? I’m trying to understand as it seems like the harder road to take?” Jennifer That’s a GREAT question! Yes, I guess it […]


A new virus is brewing amongst humans!

My husband and I had a play date to visit some friends that we haven’t seen since their baby girl, Iris*, was born. On the morning of our date, I went to the local discount store/pharmacy to pick up a “new baby” card for the parents. The store did NOT have a “face mask required” […]


What’s happening to the heart of humanity?

If we do NOT reconnect to our 4th chakra in a healthy way, there will be an increase in mortality from Heart disease, Covid-19, and all other diseases across the board – especially emotional and spiritual diseases.