The Healthy View

The Healthy View Ep32: Healthy Candy Alternatives

In this episode, we share our views on candy and if there are any healthy versions out there, our favorite alternatives that kids actually enjoy, and the perks of making your own tasty Halloween treats. Plus, Michelle shares her favorite “mom trick” for getting her kids to give away some of their seasonal sugar stash.

ep31 should i get a flu shot

The Healthy View Ep31: Should I Get a Flu Shot?

It’s time for your flu shot!—or is it? We discuss this controversial topic on today’s show and views for and against the annual vaccine, what other healthy habits you should have to keep your immune system strong year round, and a few considerations to keep in mind before making the decision for yourself.

ep30 keep your brain healthy and sharp

The Healthy View Ep30: Keep Your Brain Healthy and Sharp

Brain fog is a real issue for a lot of us these days, as is memory loss and mental illness. So what can we do to stay sharp? In this episode, we chat about the difference between sleep and rest, how foods can affect your brain, and the signs, symptoms, and risk factors that can impact your brain health.

ep 29 how to change your lifestyle

The Healthy View Ep29: How to Change Your Lifestyle

Habits—hard to break and sometimes even harder to make! But we want the good ones in our lives, whether that’s daily yoga, a nightly skincare routine, date night with your boo, or any other routine that makes you feel great. We share our habits, how we’ve positively impacted our lives, and how to start a new one the right way so it actually sticks!

how to get back on track with life

The Healthy View Ep28: How to Get Back on Track with Life

We’re in back-to-school mode and it’s time for sweaters, apple cider, and figuring out how to get back into the swing of things. Today, we’re talking about making big decisions instead of spinning your wheels, the importance of self-care and having a support system, and how morning routines can fast-track you back into your groove.

how to prevent wrinkles

The Healthy View Ep27: How to Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles—love ‘em or hate ’em, they’re coming. We welcome the fine lines for the happiness and wisdom they stand for, but there are a few things we can do to slow their appearance no matter where we are in the aging process. We’ll talk about how your lifestyle contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, the foods to eat that support the health of your skin, and substances to avoid consuming to keep skin smooth.

ep 26 best bpa-free water bottle

The Healthy View Ep26: What’s the Best BPA-Free Water Bottle?

You probably have a cabinet full of free water bottles from events or ones you’ve collected over the years, right? This episode will help you figure out which ones to toss, namely the hormone-disrupting plastic bottles containing the chemical BPA. We share all of our favorite types of bottles from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel to glass hugged with silicone—plus the pros and cons of each.

ep 25 finding your purpose and passion

The Healthy View Ep25: Finding Your Purpose and Passion

Do you know your life’s purpose? If you’re still trying to figure it out, you’re not alone. We discuss how we knew we found our calling, how that opened up the door for happiness to flow in, and how learning what you love to do is vital to your well-being.

ep 24 how to not gain weight on vacation

The Healthy View Ep24: How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation

Summer can be a source of frustration for some folks who find that vacation just means extra calories and extra weight. Sit back and relax in your Adirondack chair while we share our favorite tips for eating mindfully in a new environment, what to pack in your suitcase to stay active on vacation, and why it pays to be a food snob.

ep 23 healthy eating for kids

The Healthy View Ep23: Healthy Eating for Kids

Reasoning with our kids to eat their veggies every day is an inevitable part of parenthood. In this episode, we talk about our best tips for getting kids interested in healthy eating, and the key to getting those healthy habits to stick.

healthy bbq ideas

The Healthy View Ep22: Healthy BBQ Ideas

It’s grill season! Time to head outside and start cooking food by the fire, but your barbecue can take your grilled food from friend to foe. Learn all about our favorite summer meals, healthy swaps for your typical charred cookout fare, and ways to make things festive without veering into the danger zone.

sunscreen bad for you

The Healthy View Ep21: Is Sunscreen Bad For You?

How protective is your sun protection? Most of us have moved on from slathering ourselves in baby oil to slathering on SPF, but the health impact of doing so is rarely talked about—our levels of Vitamin D are at an all-time low, among other issues with lotions and creams and sprays.

how to stop anxiety

The Healthy View Ep20: How to Stop Anxiety

Anxiety is an epidemic in our society. Chances are, you or someone around you is taking medication to ease their mental chatter and stress. And it’s highly likely that you’re dealing with another health condition that is related to that anxiety.

do probiotics work

The Healthy View Ep18: Do Probiotics Work?

We’re hearing so much about gut health lately, surely you’ve heard about probiotics as a big part of the conversation. But do they really work, or is it just savvy marketing to get us spending money?


The Healthy View Ep17: Is coffee healthy?

How do you take your coffee? Once, twice, three times daily? Most Americans drink it every morning, and many are having it multiple times a day, using it as a drug to fuel or long, busy days.


The Healthy View Ep15: Pursuing Happiness

What does a joyful life look like to you? Well, get ready, because on this episode of the Healthy View, we showed you how to get there with the help of best-selling author, consultant, master clinician, two-time TEDx speaker and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, Dr. Joan Rosenberg


The Healthy View Ep14: How to Detox Naturally

You’ve heard about juice cleanses, pills, shakes, social media detoxes, relationship pruning… there’s so much out there claiming to rid your body, and your life, of toxins. In this episode we talked about how to give your body a boost by supporting those important systems through nutritious food and self-care.