Hypothyroid is Preventable and Reversible. Here's how...

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By now, it’s common knowledge that the majority of heart disease is preventable through diet and lifestyle improvements.[1] The heart is a muscle that is nourished by food and movement. This fact is not even debatable anymore.

According to the National Institute for Health, we also know that prevention and reversal of Type II Diabetes is proven, possible and powerful, through diet and lifestyle adjustments.[2]

BTW – The pancreas is a gland that lives on the endocrine system and is supported with a healthy diet and physical activity.

So, why wouldn’t those same diet and lifestyle principles apply to the thyroid gland? Or to any other gland or organ in your body for that matter?

The truth is, thyroid disease is preventable and reversible, but most people have not been informed.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that if the thyroid is out of balance the only way to get back into balance is by taking prescription medication for hypothyroid and hashimotos, or even worse, using radioactive iodine to destroy it in the case of hyperthyroid and graves.

BUT both of those options will never heal a thyroid condition or get to the root cause, which is most likely, a person’s diet and lifestyle.

Recently, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Doctors are now hearing their patients’ calls for new approaches to Hypothyroidism. The article highlights a couple of thyroid advocates that are encouraging their followers to “speak up” and start “asking” for specific thyroid tests and the new hypothyroid medications that are available.[3]

This is great news! The fact that these women are speaking up is an integral part of supporting their thyroid on an emotional and energetic level.

The thyroid is emotionally/spiritually responsible for our ability to speak our truth with grace and wisdom. So, speaking up for what you believe your body needs is essential for healing.

But, both the previous hypothyroid pharmaceutical medications and the new ones that women are now asking for, don’t heal hypothyroidism. Those medications may alleviate the symptoms of the condition… at least for a little while. Eventually, these ladies will start asking for another new medication again, because they haven’t actually healed their condition.

So, it’s back to square one.

Similar to heart disease and type II diabetes, it would be wise to look into diet and lifestyle to get to the root cause of the disease to heal it, rather than taking medication, after medication, for the rest of your life.

If you are suffering with hypothyroidism, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and figure out why it is happening in the first place.

What is causing the underlying imbalance? Here are some questions to begin asking:

  • Why is my thyroid gland not producing enough hormones to support my needs?
  • Am I getting the nutrients needed for the production of my thyroid hormones?
  • If I am getting the nutrients, am I not absorbing them?
  • Am I taking on too much and exhausting my bodily reserves (adrenal fatigue)?
  • How high are my stress levels?
  • Do I have enough downtime to relax my nervous system?
  • Am I getting adequate sleep to rejuvenate my endocrine system and body as a whole?
  • Am I asking for what I need and speaking my truth in a healthy way?

Finding the answers to these questions can get you moving in the direction of healing.

So, start asking.

Just as the majority of heart disease is preventable, and type II diabetes is reversible, so it is with thyroid disease: preventable and reversible.

If you’re ready to stop the nonsense and get off the medication merry-go-round, get access to my Common Thyroid Myths You Need To Know.

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