Can you help support these two?

On June 1, 2020, my sister Erica Beaman Swammy lost her battle with deep depression, grief, and sadness, leaving behind 2 sons, aged 23 and 15. This devastating loss has left the entire family in a state of shock. The older son, Danny, recently finished college and was just starting out in life. He turned…


What’s happening to the heart of humanity?

If we do NOT reconnect to our 4th chakra in a healthy way, there will be an increase in mortality from Heart disease, Covid-19, and all other diseases across the board – especially emotional and spiritual diseases.


Sometimes life can be difficult

Sometimes life can be difficult to navigate but family and friends offer guidance and say, “It’s this way. C’mon, you can do it. It’s just a little further.”


My interview with two young philosophers

Years ago, I had the opportunity to simultaneously interview two young philosophers: Danny Swammy and Marc Anthony Beaman, respectively six and eight years of age at the time. These two wise souls jumped at the opportunity to share their wisdom and experience of life with me.


Revered or reviled? You decide…

As we experience our current rash of disasters that are sweeping across nations (wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes), it would be wise to take a lesson from the rat and learn to quickly adapt to our changing world.