Food Philosophy

Healing my own debilitating disease, and with over two decades of professional experience working with clients to help them heal as well, I am a firm believer that we can use food as both preventative, and healing medicine.

The food we eat is broken down into smaller components that build our blood and is absorbed by us on a cellular level. Our blood then feeds all of our organs and bodily systems, including our heart and mind.

We are literally walking, talking, living, and breathing food.

The old adage, “you are what you eat,” is an undeniable truth when you observe the physiology of the human body.

Simply stated, if we eat crap, we’ll feel like crap! It’s not rocket science.

Unfortunately, there is so much food-like stuff masquerading as food and marketed to the masses, that most people have no idea what to eat.

They read the latest claim on the side of a package that espouses, “this food is heart-healthy, low-fat, high fiber, rich in antioxidants and organic,” and don’t question whether or not that food is a good choice for their body.

Many food-like substances are packaged in colorful boxes and we can’t comprehend what the listed ingredients actually are. I tell my clients that if you cannot pronounce it, chances are you may not be able to digest it either.

It’s time to start thinking outside of the food box and get back to eating real wholesome nourishing food that does not come pre-packaged.

This is one of the main principles I share with my clients to help them achieve vibrant health.

Fresh is always best!

This doesn’t mean that you can never eat pre-packaged food – it just means to NOT make boxed food your main source of sustenance. Wholesome, fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients are ideal when using food as medicine.

We have also been bombarded with a variety of food fads over the past few decades that are confusing the heck out of people: paleo, vegan, gaps, no-carb, gluten-free, zone, raw, macrobiotic…

There is value in each of these food philosophies, especially at specific times in someone’s life, or for certain conditions. But they are NOT good for all people, or for all conditions.

This is one of the reasons why someone may feel good at the onset of a new dieting protocol, but eventually, start feeling unwell again as they adhere to a strict set of rules.

And, that’s why you’re here: to learn how to weed through all of the noise and the nonsense, and start understanding how to really use food as medicine.

For food to be used as a true healing modality, we need to understand how it effects us on an energetic and physiologic level.

Plus, we need to understand our own bodily condition and patterns.

Healing the body and preventing disease is not about simply throwing food substances into our system and hoping something shifts internally. It’s about making conscious food choices and using the energetic effects to support the body.

For example, if someone has an overheated, inflamed, and hot condition (like heart disease), a great example of foods they can use as medicine are fresh fruits and vegetables, plus salads and smoothies to help cool the heat and calm inflammation.

But, if someone presents with a cold, weak, and pale condition, eating raw foods could be disastrous to their health! This person would be better off eating cooked, warming, and hearty foods (soups and stews), to build their system back up.

If you want to learn to use food as medicine to both prevent and heal disease, you are in the right place!

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I’m looking forward to sharing with you the healing information you have been searching for.