Herbal Tea for Hyperthyroid

Thyroid conditions are running rampant! It seems everyone (and their mother) is suffering from thyroid disease. Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s are the most popular, but many people are also suffering from hyperthyroid and Graves’, and they need support, too.

Below is one of my favorite herbal teas to help support someone that is suffering with high-stress symptoms of hyperthyroid.

Here are the ingredients and why they are effective:

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinales) People with hyperthyroid often suffer with anxiety and heart palpitations. Lemon balm helps relax the body, heart and mind, and lowers blood pressure. It’s my go-to herb for hyperthyroid and Graves’.

“In laboratory studies, it (lemon balm) interfered with the binding of TSH to plasma membranes and inhibited the enzyme iodothyronine deiodinse in vitro. It also inhibits the receptor-binding and other biological activity of immunoglobulins in the blood of patients with Graves’ disease, a condition that causes hyperthyroidism”[1]

As you can see, this herb from the lamiaceae family is highly touted in reducing the effects of thyroid stimulating hormone. It’ll help to chill your thyroid out.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) – this is another fabulous herb from the lamiaceae family (mint family) that is wonderful for helping to calm a racing heart. It’s considered a nervine that helps support the nervous system. If someone has anxiety, tension and heart palpitations this is a classic heart tonic herb. Hence the name… “cardiaca.”

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) – In many ancient Chinese medicine remedies, licorice root was added as a harmonizer. It helps support all the ingredients to be their most effective. It’s also nourishing to the adrenals. If someone is suffering from hyperthyroid or Graves’, you can pretty much guarantee that their adrenals have been affected by high stress. Licorice is also a traditional herb that supports the endocrine system as a whole. And, finally, it’s hepatoprotective; that means it supports liver health. Optimum functioning of the liver is imperative to supporting thyroid health.

Brew a cup of this medicinal herbal tea, kick back, and sip on this healing liquid 2-3x per day. Your high-stressed hyperthyroid condition will begin relaxing before you know it.


Herbal Tea for Hyperthyroid
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Herbal remedies
Cuisine: Tea
Serves: 4 cups
  1. Place dried herbs in French press or 32 ounce mason jar.
  2. Fill with boiling water and steep 20-25 minutes or longer.
  3. Drink 2-3 cups daily.
[1] Medical Herbalism, David Hoffman AHG, Healing Arts Press 2003, p567