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Andrea Beaman is frequently featured in a variety of respected media outlets as a celebrity chef, natural foods expert, and passionate holistic health advocate.

In addition to hosting the award nominated, Fed Up! and Wise Up!, she co-hosted the Healthy View with Michelle Pfennighaus and Lisa Lewtan. Tune in weekly for simple tips and strategies in all areas of healthy living, including food, exercise, relationships, stress, fun, and spirituality. Andrea and her co-host’s deal with everyday women’s struggles and how to overcome them.

The Healthy View!

Are you a confused by all the healthy hype in the media? Join the club!

Fed Up!

For 52 episodes, holistic health coach and natural foods chef Andrea Beaman came to the rescue of ordinary people whose culinary habits were putting their health at risk.

Wise Up!

For 13 episodes, Andrea traveled across the country seeking life-enhancing activities, and energizing, alternative therapies, and organic foods.

Guest appearances – TV and online

WCBS News, Channel 2 New York – CBS News Health Expert

WPIX Channel 11 News

Other networks

  • Dating Yourself Summit – Andrea is interviewed by Ildiko Szabo for the Dating Yourself Summit, during which she discusses how to honor yourself and your body. Self-care is critical to being healthy and feeling well and during this interview Andrea gives insight into developing self-compassion, “dating” yourself and creating a life that is playful and fun.
  • Lifestyle Magazine, Andrea discusses lifestyle changes to heal auto-immune diseases.
  • “We Owe What? The Anderson-Battiste Family,” The Live Well Network. Andrea mentors holistic health coach Ann Anderson, encouraging her to believe in herself and her work.
  • Taste of Summer, News 8, “Connecticut Style.” Want to know how to beat the heat and keep cool this summer? Try this simple Marinated Chickpea Salad.
  • What You Should Eat, Fox News CT. Interview and recipe: Summer Quinoa with Mint Dressing.
  • Are you fast, easy and cheap? Run to the Interview with Amanda Brooks
  • Cancer Answers TV Join Andrea and Dr. Judy Seeger as we get to the root cause of cancer and how to heal it.

Guest appearances – Radio/Podcasts

  • Reclaim Your A-Game – Andrea joins Health Coach Christine Franklyn for a candid conversation on being earthlings, the human experience and the awakening of consciousness around the world. Tune in to discover:
    • The reason we came to earth for this human experience
    • How to manage and release emotions, particularly anger
    • The detriments of being disconnected from spirit and the earth
    • Why it’s important to feel gratitude and not hold onto the bad parts of this human experience
  • At Source Podcast with Keren Cook – Listen in for physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual insight into improving your health and wellbeing. Andrea joins At Source Podcast host, Keren Cook, to impart her wisdom and recommendations on being mindful and leading a more peaceful existence.
  • To Your Good Health Radio with Dr. David Friedman: Want a stronger immune system? listen to this episode of To Your Good Health Radio! I share my views and tips on supplements, gut health, and lifestyle modifications that you can make today to boost your immune system and live the life you deserve!
  • Holistic Hilda Interview: Looking for a way to enhance your good vibes? Check out this fun interview with Holistic Hilda. You’ll get morning and evening tips to enjoy the best day you can – even if everything is blowing up around you.
  • Rawfork Podcast: Andrea is interviewed by Marina Buksov and discusses her journey of healing her thyroid disease by changing her lifestyle and diet.
  • Eliminating Candida Overgrowth: Andrea joins Lillian McDermott on her radio show to discuss Candida overgrowth and the simple ways to rebalance your body to get the candida to go back into the large intestine where it can do it’s best work!
  • Lillian McDermott Radio Show There is medicine in your kitchen! Andrea joins Lillian McDermott to share easy and effective home remedies to heal what’s ailing you..
  • Delicious Recipes That Heal & Restore Our Bodies”. Understand how food can improve your health, what specific foods are needed for deficiency and how eating sustainable, local and organic foods will improve your overall health and vitality.
  • The Functional Medicine Radio Show”. Do you think hyperthyroidism is untreatable? Think again! Listen in as Andrea and Dr. Carri discuss the many ways to naturally treat the thyroid and endocrine system.
  • How to Nourish Your Lungs and Get Ready for Fall:”. Andrea joins Lillian McDermott’s radio show, When You Need A Friend, to discuss how to nourish the lungs and stay healthy during the fall flu, cold and allergy season.
  • Lillian McDermott Radio Show “Taking a Deeper Look into Thyroid Disease”. Andrea and Lillian continue their discussion and delve deep into the potential causes of thyroid disease that people aren’t talking about. Andrea shares about the deeper truth connected with thyroid disease and how learning to express yourself healthfully supports the healing process. You’ll also discover how to implement daily changes to nurture your thyroid, and how beneficial a holistic approach is to healing your body and mind.
  • Lillian McDermott Radio Show  “Happy Healthy Thyroid”.  Andrea talks with Lillian about what causes thyroid disease and how to heal your thyroid naturally. In this informative and lively interview you’ll discover various foods, herbs and lifestyle adjustments to help you heal your thyroid condition, too.
  • Emeril Gets Healthy with Chef Andrea Beaman, Martha Stewart Radio Blog. We took the maxim of “you are what you eat” to heart and focused on the foods that bring good taste and good health to the table as Emeril sat down with holistic health coach, chef, teacher, author, and TV host Andrea Beaman.
  • “I Eat Green with Bhavani,”Progressive Radio Network Podcast. Bhavani Jaroff, of iEat Green, interviews Andrea Beaman on living a more sustainable life.
  • Be Well Bites with Jamie Relei: Health is Wealth – Make a Delicious Investment in You with Andrea Beaman
  • Radio MD – Andrea Beaman joins To Your Good Health Radio to discuss how some foods you think of as “healthy” can actually damage your body.
  • “Thyroid, A Non-Traditional Approach” interview with Shirley Gutkowski
  • Thyroid Interview on Savvy Central Radio Online @ Savvy Central Radio, Listen to Andrea and Christina talk about the many ways to heal thyroid and other illnesses.
  • Media Opportunity For Health Coaches, Healthy View Radio focuses on real life women’s health struggles, hosted by three health and wellness rock stars: Andrea Beaman, Lisa Lewtan, and Michelle Pfennighaus – all of whom are expert health coaches with large email lists and social media followings. The show will be aired LIVE on Thursday afternoons and then immediately downloaded to an iTunes podcast.

Print Features

    • Check out Andrea’s interview by SHOUTOUT ARIZONA for insight into the catalyst behind starting her business, healing without destroying her thyroid and sharing preventative health wisdom with world, which is needed now more than ever.
    • Andrea is featured the May 2022 issue of Podcast Magazine where she shares why she started her podcast, Andrea Beaman Speaks Out. Andrea’s mission is to shine a light on issues that are taboo and to encourage people to wake up and speak up, and her podcast does just that. Click here to read the full feature.

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