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Financial Fitness

Want Health Care? Try Self-Care

We all have an innate healing wisdom that lives within us. I often hear it when clients sign up for health coaching. They’ll say, “I know I need to eat better, I know I need daily exercise, I know I need to quit my job, I know I need to end my dead-end relationship, I know…


Health Care? I Don’t Buy It!

The health care system in America is broken, and I don’t waste money buying into it. Our system is designed, not for health-care but disease-care. People pay monthly premiums ensuring their diseases are well taken care of after they have manifested. This does not keep insured people healthy, but it certainly profits the trillion dollar…


Bulk Up and Save Money!

In tough financial times, its a wise idea to figure out how to reduce our cost of living. One place to start is with our food. Many health food stores carry “bulk” food items.  These include a wide variety of whole grains and grain products, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, snacks, and other foods that…


Purchase the Essentials!

The one tool above all others I highly recommend purchasing is a professional chef’s knife or Santoku knife (Japanese version similar to a French chef’s knife, but without a pointed tip). This purchase will make your efforts in the kitchen feel like a smooth breeze instead of a harrowing hurricane!


Can It!

I am not a big fan of canned foods.  I definitely prefer fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. But, sometimes there are days when I’m too darn tired and busy to cook! Other times there are emergencies, like hurricanes and snowstorms.  In times like those, canned foods come in really handy. One of the main caveats of eating…


Making a Wise Investment

In the modern-day rat race, while striving to achieve financial success, or just plain trying to keep up with the darn Joneses…