Programs Overview

Dedicating myself to the pursuit of good health was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I love teaching others how to do the same. I have been a practicing Health Coach and Wellness Educator since 1999 and I love this work.

I have a variety of highly engaging and fun online wellness and cooking programs (Food as Medicine Program and Nourishing Thyroid Health) that give you the practical skills to improve your own health and enjoy the best life possible.

Part of my practice also includes working with health coaches and other wellness practitioners to expand their skills and grow their practices in proven, purposeful ways. My professional development course (New Healers Master Coaching) is designed to enhance and expand your practitioner skills and teach you about the business side of the healing arts.

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Food As Medicine Program

This Food as Medicine program will guide you through simple, medicinal recipes and food prep so you can start using food as medicine on a daily basis. Each module provides easy to understand practical steps, recipes, and healing wisdom.

  • Prevent the #1 killer of both men and women around the world
  • Boost your immunity to stave off colds, flu, and bigger illnesses (cancer, lyme, etc.)
  • Understand the energetics of food, culinary herbs, and wild herbs, and how to prepare them as medicine
  • Use the various flavors and to positively affect each of the organ systems
  • Inhibit the growth of cancer and other diseases
  • Learn how to safely detox the body for long-term improvements in health
  • Watch delicious recipes being prepared
  • Improve your skills and become more confident and kitchen savvy
  • Get delicious recipes that your body will love!

What Students Are Saying


Andrea is a walking nutrition guide. I'm impressed with her knowledge of all things nutritional. I highly recommend her classes for anyone interesting in learning more about how to make food your medicine.


Andrea knows and shares so generously and pleasantly with her attendees. I have learned so much more than the topics on the agenda. It is always such a rewarding experience to attend her classes.


I find Andrea to be the type of teacher I connect with - knowledgeable, keeping to logical/basic practices to maintain and/or reach vibrant health. She obviously enjoys what she does and makes the learning process fun. She augmented my prior knowledge with tools I can put into place with no hassle.

Holistic Health Cooking Certification

Are you a health coach or wellness practitioner that wants to create delicious healing recipes for yourself and your clients? If yes, let’s put your culinary skills to work. You’ll get access to 10 awesome classes and one bonus class, PLUS a Holistic Health Cooking Certification to put on your website and in your bio.

You’ll learn:

  • What foods are necessary for healing specific organs
  • Why specific food preparation is just as important as what you eat.
  • Quality cooking oils, fats and seasonings and when to use them
  • Where to purchase items you might not find in your local grocery store
  • How to shop for sustainable food to feed yourself, family and/or clients
  • How to properly store herbs for healing the body
  • Natural remedies found in your pantry/kitchen to improve specific illnesses
  • How to prepare specific meals to boost your immunity for the season ahead
  • How to enhance your cooking skills and understand food as medicine more intimately

What Students Are Saying

Ladislava Siozios

I took some of the classes separately and now since it was made as one Certification class, I gotta say THANK YOU Andrea and learn it live. I truly enjoyed the lessons and had fun doing quizzes that followed each one of them. Great and entertaining classes and I suggest it to everyone who is interested in better health.

Simone Turner

Andrea classes are very detailed and easy to follow. She has a wealth of knowledge and makes it practical to implement. I feel so fluid when I follow her advice. Sometimes teachers can come across as rigid, but Andrea remains very flexible and always has recommendations for how to apply this information that works for you and is transforming to your health. I'd recommend taking this course if you want to learn how to cook to improve your health conditions naturally.

Roxanne Schipritt

This set of classes have been a blast to watch and very informative . Andrea explains everything so everyone can understand. She is a joy to listen to and watch. Tons of information to grasp but she makes it easy. It was helpful to understand what organs and functions work in harmony with each other. Andrea was a joy to listen to and to watch. She was very informative and full of positive energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

The New Healers Master Coaching Program

Are you ready to expand your knowledge and get life-changing skills to boost your confidence, support your health and wellness practice, and earn a greater salary? This is the program for you! Throughout this unique online mentorship program, you will get access to:

  • Ancient healing wisdom of Visual & Meridian Assesment to understand symptoms and causes of illness at a deeper, more intimate level
  • Understanding the interactions between physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and design more holistic solutions for your clients
  • How to use whole foods and herbs, and targeted therapies, to correct imbalances
  • Motivate and mentor clients more effectively
  • Increase your mastery, visibility, and credibility
  • Attract new clients and maximize referrals

This program has been extremely well received by practitioners who are personally looking to improve their health or give valuable knowledge to their clients. Participants in this program are fascinated by what they are taught and use these skills with both to boost their own confidence and support their client’s health needs.

What Students Are Saying

Kristyn Tobey

When Andrea Beaman opens her mouth to speak, she opens her heart. As soon as I heard her speak at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew I wanted her to mentor me on my own path as a health coach. Like many of us, her personal health story fuels her fire to teach people how to heal themselves. It’s fun when you have a teacher with so much knowledge and yet is also able to teach it in a fun and relatable way. She teaches from her gut. She listens with arms wide open. And she reminds us to laugh and enjoy the journey. Thank you Andrea for making the leap into this beautiful world of healing and showing us how it’s done!

Ann Marie De-Gregoria

Ann Marie De Gregoria

Andrea, what you are doing is helping people exponentially! You are teaching the teachers! For every one teacher that you share your wisdom with, you will forever be helping to heal their clients as well! Your knowledge will carry on through us. This program has been powerful, timely and educational. It has absolutely given me a different outlook on health coaching. It has added the needed component of spirituality & and alternative diagnosis… all the things that I wanted, they suddenly appeared.

Theresa Hinckley

After reviewing the content of the class, I thought "Oh this is perfect for me, let's do it!!" I love this course because it gets into the nitty gritty of the healing modalities that I am extremely interested in at this moment in time, with the added opportunity to balance and heal myself on all levels, how perfect is that!!

Diane Smith

I am currently enrolled as a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as well as another wellness program I was able to manage the New Healers Program with my 2 other educations occurring. It was not overwhelming for me because all the information for the New Healers was available to download and to go over it again when you have more time to review is great! Being involved with IIN and the New Healers Program simultaneously reinforced much of what I have learned so far as we as gave me some great tools that I will definitely use. It was a pleasure taking this course and it made my Thursday evenings very special!

Cheryl Iden

Cheryl Iden

I am thrilled with the amount of information we have been given and the direct contact with Andrea to ask questions and get feed back. Seeing what may be happening inside the body on ones face is absolutely amazing to me and the different chakras are too! I’ve never been exposed to this before! I look at my clients in a whole new light! There is much to learn, but I feel like I can offer so much more insight into their health now!

Heidi Hackler, Seattle, WA

Andrea and her courses are AMAZING!! I have LOVED them all, and look SO forward to each one coming out, watching it, and being on the live calls. The program has definitely given me a different outlook on health coaching. I know I will be referring to the slides and handouts working with my health-coaching clients for a long time to come. MANY MANY thanks again for pulling all of this important information together into one place and format for us to learn from, and for sharing your special gifts with the world Andrea. You truly are a FANTASTIC teacher!!!


Nourishing Thyroid Health

If you are one of the millions of people diagnosed with symptoms of thyroid disease and seeking an alternative route to healing, join my Nourishing Thyroid Health Program. With over two decades of experience helping people heal their conditions and get off their medication, I walk you step by step through the process.

In the easiest to digest ways you will:

  • Discover the foods that can either heal or harm, your thyroid
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors that affect thyroid health
  • The adrenal connection: understanding how physical and emotional stress impacts the health of your thyroid and endocrine system as a whole.
  • The metaphysical and mind/body connection to healing thyroid disease
  • How to recognize behavior patterns that are detrimental to thyroid
  • Simple and effective meditations to enhance thyroid health

As a thyroid expert who successfully cured my own thyroid condition and has helped many others heal too, this program is a priceless resource for those looking to heal their thyroid condition.

What Students Are Saying

Cova Najera-Aleson

Overall, the Nourishing Thyroid Health Program is very complete and covers a lot of information. Andrea is very knowledgeable, resourceful and very important, fun to learn with (especially for us Thyroid “workers” that take stuff too serious). The program sure has been an eye opener on two very important aspects of healing my thyroid: think carefully about what I eat and stop taking general dietary recommendations for granted without verifying first. Since participating in the program, my thyroid labs have been stable since I started studying and applying what I have learned.

Cindy Sullivan

This program has given me a different outlook on my health. I now know that my “condition” is totally in my control and not someone else’s. I was also someone who ran 4 miles 5-6 days a week thinking this would help me lose weight. I stopped running and started doing more walks with the dog and weight training. I panicked at first and thought I would pack on the pounds. I didn’t. Someone asked me how much I have lost and what I was doing. Some success I have had after taking the program is listening to my body. I was a vegetarian for many, many years and when Andrea said that many vegetarians had thyroid issues a light bulb went off. I started with fish and then a little chicken. Then (and I said I would never do it) I tried bacon and for 3 weeks I couldn’t eat enough of it. It was bizarre and eye opening. It is a whole new way of life I’m adjusting to.

Donna Blatz

I didn’t realize how many different things affected my thyroid condition, foods, emotional etc. The most interesting part of the program were the coaching calls because things come up in the questions that people ask that you might not have gotten info on in the regular class. After starting the program, I have experienced great change in my thyroid. My eyebrows are growing back, I have cut down on my meds and do not experience anymore palpitations or racing heart. I would absolutely recommend this program to someone suffering with Thyroid Disease.