About Andrea

Like many people, I used to think chronic sickness was a normal part of the human condition. Today, I know that’s simply not true.

20 years ago, I was diagnosed with an “incurable” disease. The doctor recommended destroying my thyroid with radiation. I listened with discernment and said, “No freaking way!”. Instead, I focused on healing my body with natural, wholesome foods and improvements in my lifestyle and consciousness.

Four months later, my readings had gone from dangerous to just above normal. Two years later, my thyroid symptoms were gone (along with several others). I felt great and was 25 pounds lighter. It wasn’t “a diet,” it was a journey, and what’s more, it was delicious!

Sickness and disease run rampant in modern society, and poor quality food is a major contributor. Our food supply – both plant and animal – is drenched in carcinogenic chemicals, not to mention a cornucopia of antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients.

Our food sustains our blood, bones, and organs at a cellular level. If our food is unhealthy, it’s no wonder we become that way when we eat it. And our healthcare system, while well-intentioned, is optimized to mask symptoms rather than solve their root causes, rarely taking your unique biochemistry into account.

We all have powerful healing wisdom within us, but you have to feed it at all levels that make you human – physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual – for it to do its best work.

Let me show you how to take back control of your health. You can get started by reading my easy-to-digest articles.

I don’t promise wellness happens overnight (neither does illness), but I do promise your transformation will be exciting, yummy and fun. If you want to get a taste of what I’m talking about, meet me at my next LIVE event.

And, if you’re ready to jump in and start understanding the body better to improve health, join me in one of my online courses. As an educator, I love sharing knowledge. I’d be happy to personally guide you toward better health!

Wishing you vibrant health,