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Ask Andrea

‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #4

Andrea covers how supporting the gut can help heal candida, that sunscreen can actually be more dangerous than helpful and more!

Ask Andrea Episode 3

‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #3

Learn about different thyroid conditions, how important chewing your food is for your digestive system, the benefits of different cleanses for the body, best and worst times for vegan and raw diets, and so much more.


‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #2

Andrea answers questions about eating fruit in wintertime, how supporting the can gut can boost immunity, the benefits of black walnut hull for Hashimoto’s, how stress is connected to weight gain, and more.

Ask Andrea Episode #1

‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #1

Andrea answers questions related to resolving thyroid nodules and goiters, how improving liver health and lymphatic congestion can support the health of the thyroid and processes that can slow the thyroid.