Mr. President, I've Got a Bone to Pick with You!

Jar of Coins Labeled Health Insurance on White

Dear Mr. President,

My accountant informed me that I am being fined 1% of my income because I did NOT purchase health insurance.

FYI – I have intentionally NOT purchased health insurance in almost two decades.

Not because I believe it cannot help people. It can.

It just that the insurance plan you are enforcing is not the one that, I believe, can benefit me or the millions of other people like me.

I believe our current health care system has been corrupted and I don’t buy into it. You can read more about that here: Health Care, I Don’t Buy It!

Instead of spending money in a broken system, I spend my hard-earned bucks on things I believe are truly contributing to my health… and they are NOT covered by your plan or any other plan out there.

Let’s take a quick look at what I purchase to insure my health:

So I ask you, Mr. President, is your administration infringing on my civil rights; my right to choose how to spend my money for my own health and well-being; my right to express how I feel about the current health-care system by NOT buying into it?

I have lived healthfully outside the health care system you are promoting for the past 20 years because I believe it’s seriously flawed. With doctors and medical schools taking payoffs from pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs, how on earth can I trust a system like that?[1]

That system is also designed to detect disease and prescribe the newest medication for it, without getting to the root cause of the condition.

That is not health care. It’s disease care. Let’s call it what it is.

You want me to purchase “disease-care” insurance.

Do you want to know what true health insurance looks like?

Take a walk with me and let’s have a conversation about educating people about taking full responsibility for their health.

We’ll have this talk while strolling through Central Park, getting some fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Then we’ll sit down and enjoy a nourishing meal that was lovingly prepared with the best quality locally and naturally grown ingredients (without chemicals and pesticides).

Maybe… I’ll even give you a little neck and back massage to help you release some tension. I know you have a lot on your plate, and a very high stress job.

But, as far as purchasing your insurance plan, I’m going to pass.

Until you incorporate the self-care and natural healing modalities that I use on a daily basis to truly insure my health, I’ll respectfully contribute my 1% tax fine to your cause, and I’ll continue paying for my own health-care. Thank you.

PS – I was very happy to hear that your wife is growing an organic garden at the White House. Tell her to keep up the great work!

Wishing you vibrant health,

Andrea Beaman