Health Care? I Don't Buy It!

The health care system in America is broken, and I don’t waste money buying into it. Our system is designed, not for health-care but disease-care. People pay monthly premiums ensuring their diseases are well taken care of after they have manifested. This does not keep insured people healthy, but it certainly profits the trillion dollar medical and pharmaceutical industries.

I believe we need to begin spending money where it can benefit us most – on exceptional self-care, great quality food, prevention of and curing disease.

I’ve been living outside the modern health care box for over sixteen years and my health has never been better.  When I mention to clients and other folks that I do not have health insurance, they are shocked and always offer the same response, “what if you get hit by a bus?” Their concern is valid.

What if I got hit by a bus?  What are the odds of that happening? I checked with the National Center for Disease Statistics to get clarity.

Top Causes of Death in the United States:

  • Heart disease: 631,636
  • Cancer: 559,888
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 137,119
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,583
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 121,599 (this statistic would include, but not be limited to, getting hit by a bus)
  • Diabetes: 72,449

Of even more interest to me is that iatrogenic diseases (not listed above) are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Iatrogenic diseases refer to the adverse effects or complications resulting from medical treatment. Over 284,000 people die every year due to negative effects from medication, infections in hospital, and unnecessary surgery. So it would seem I run a greater risk of dying inside a medical establishment than out on my own in the busy NYC streets surrounded by buses!

In the event that I get into an accident of some sort (like getting hit by a bus), that’s not “health-care” that’s trauma. That should be covered by some type of catastrophe insurance or trauma insurance.

Buying into the modern health care system is a crutch, and statistically speaking, an early death sentence. Many people purchase health insurance then consciously or unconsciously put their health and wellness last because, “my insurance has it covered.”  They go to work, pay the bills on time, but neglect the most fundamental things; self-care and proper daily nourishment (physical, spiritual and emotional).

Our disease-care system will always keep us sick and unhealthy. If we experience a symptom in our body the doctor prescribes medication that covers it up or suppresses it, keeping us from taking appropriate action. If there is no symptom we no longer have to address the root cause or underlying problem.  We simply pop a pill, get back to our daily business and continue living exactly as we were without making diet or lifestyle improvements.

A patient suffering from acid reflux is prescribed an antacid or proton pump inhibitor, sent on their way, and told to return in a few months to renew the prescription or to discover a new debilitating symptom that has arisen from taking the initial medication.

All prescription medications come with a slew of negative side effects. The patient may receive another medication, and another beyond that, until the entire bathroom cabinet is stacked with rows of little plastic bottles filled with symptom-suppressing and downright dangerous pills.  When I say “dangerous” I don’t mean that lightly, I mean that literally. Many prescription medications kill hundreds of thousands of people per year before they are eventually pulled off the market. Some examples include Vioxx (for pain relief), Trasylol (to decrease bleeding), and Avandia (Diabetes).  These drugs all have two things in common – they were approved by the FDA and they are all deadly.

Meanwhile acid reflux is a simple problem with an even simpler solution; eliminate offending foods that may be upsetting the digestive system, or quit working at a job that creates daily stress, or take the time to properly chew food and digest, or release a bad relationship that is causing agita. All of these diet and lifestyle behaviors are effective for eliminating acid reflux, as well as many other conditions.


Treating disease by masking symptoms alters the body’s natural chemistry and self-healing ability. The human body is brilliant and perfectly designed by the universe. It is always seeking balance.

Symptoms should not be suppressed – this is where disease begins.  When the body shares a symptom with us, we need to hear it and honor it. We have been programmed by the disease-care system to shut ourselves down, stop listening to the body and tune out divine intuition. Whether it’s an ache or pain, frequent colds and flu, skin rashes, allergies, acid reflux, cancer or other discomfort, these are all indicators that the body/mind/spirit is imbalanced. If we are to remain in a state of good health, or reclaim our failing health, we need to listen to the body and care for it on a deeper level.

Modern medical science does not get to the root cause of the problem.  The health care system that is being forced upon us, discovers disease after it has already manifested and then destroys it, and the body, simultaneously. I urge you not to willingly put yourself in harms way. Get the heck out of this system while you are still alive!

I don’t suggest abandoning the health care system entirely, or to stop using the parts of it that do work. Trust me, if I experience a traumatic accident, like getting hit by a bus, I absolutely want a doctor to put me back together again. I certainly don’t want to be wrapped in seaweed and chopsticks and left out in the sun to dry! Stitches, resetting broken bones, or anything traumatic that happens to the body requires professional medical services.

As far as “health-care”… pumping the body full of chemicals, suppressing symptoms that result in more sickness and the eventual removal of body parts is not a method of healing.

Put your money where it can do the most good; self-care and proper daily nourishment (physical, spiritual and emotional). I did, and here’s what happened: My Story 

Excerpt from:

The Whole Truth, How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health and You Can Too!


  • Lou Ann Mallon

    Oh, I love this gal already! Bravo! Great article!

  • Hi Andrea! Absolutely fantastic article…..ties in nicely with what I am doing to help people get off of their meds and take charge of their health…address the root issues with our “delivery system” which no one else has! I would love, love for you to check out and let me know what you think of this amazing delivery system that addresses core issues, HBP, diabetes, etc. and respond back to me via email @ I truly value your opinion, even though I’ve just discovered you! Thanks for your time. Teresa

  • Spot on- as usual. Love it.

  • Andrea, you are SO right. I appreciate your honesty and straight talk. I shared your post on my facebook and hope my FB fans will glean wisdom from your post:

    • Andrea Beaman

      Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  • Deborah Miles

    Love everything you said.

  • 8 years without health insurance here and I’m healthier than ever. (I became a health coach myself to ensure it!) The system is broken. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing this Andrea.

  • Paige

    I love you but I respectfully disagree….no one wants to get sick and many of us make as many healthy decisions as we possibly can to insure that we don’t. But sometimes we do. And sometimes we get hit by a car, or a bus or trip over the cat and break our ankle, etc. If you have set aside tens of thousands of dollars then I would agree with you. But most people don’t and they end up receiving the necessary care with no ability to pay so those with health insurance end up picking up the bill. I also am in the process of being a health coach but I understand that there are things that are outside of our control. We will all one day die and it may not be suddenly. I have car insurance and homeowner’s insurance as well. I hope I never have to use any of them but I’m glad that if I do, my burden won’t become someone else’s.

    • Andrea Beaman

      I don’t disagree with you. I believe we need some type of coverage for emergencies. What I disagree with is what is being insured, and the obscene amounts of money being charged. If someone goes to the hospital for emergency care and potentially comes out bankrupt there is something seriously wrong with that system. Six years ago I went for blood testing and the bill was $3600. I asked the doc why on earth is this so much money? Blood tests are only about $200. She told me that was just the amount they charged the insurance companies and that she would adjust my bill (because I didn’t have insurance). I wound up paying about $1200-1400. Although still ridiculously high, it was a BIG difference. Our system is broken. And, until it is fixed I won’t put a single into it.

  • Great article, Andrea! The only reason I still have insurance is because my employer provides it, I have not used it in several years. Everything you say is right on the money! Keep up the good work. There is more under our control that we give ourselves credit for.

  • Sandra

    Awesome article and spot on. Could not agree more.

  • Mendy

    Awesome Andrea! My sentiments as well.

  • I agree with you 100%. Last year I cured my acid reflux exactly as you stated. Changed my diet to more alkaline. Drank Apple Cider Vinegar with water and a little baking soda daily — and haven’t had reflux in over 9 months. The doctor wanted to give me all kinds of medications and expensive tests! I’m with you Andrea!

  • Suzanne Falco

    I also agree 100%!!! If the system spent money on preventative measures, education, and folks could use insurance to pay for a health coach, then boy! wouldn’t that be great. Instead it is all about the pills. Now there is an “anti-obesity” pill that just got approved by are one and only FDA because doctors were asking for something to help them with the obesity epidemic!!!! HELLO?!!! WE ARE RIGHT HERE!!!! We can and will make the difference and rather than a sick care mentality it will be a health care mentality. But the President is dead wrong. Andrea is dead on. Responsible people like myself WILL set aside money to pay in a catastrophic case……We can also use that money for even better food and maybe a water filter……health coaches……the list is endless. 🙂

  • Haydee

    Love your article Andrea! I agree with you. It would be great if the system would invest more in regulating all the unhealthy foods that are offered and educating the population as opposed to “fixing” us when the damage is already done.

  • Very well said Andrea and you are so right! Thank you for posting this!

  • Maureen Wheeler

    Go baby go! XO

  • Diana Smiley Bartkowiak

    I couldn’t agree more.. since my family and I have been without healthy care.. we are healthier by far. I love your take on this! It’s all about “self-care” not health care, which should be called ‘sick-care’ by the way!

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  • Melissa Popp

    Do you have emergency care coverage?

  • Courtney

    I agree with you, but how do you get around the new laws forcing us to get health insurance?

  • Kristin

    Oh like the doctor constantly passing me antibiotics? I’ve taken them off and on for ten years for some “growth” in the lady areas. All they do is further destroy my flora, only exasperating the issue! I was prescribed some recently and I refuse to take them. I know what my body needs better than any doctor has ever told me, I only went because I needed a procedure that I couldn’t do on my own. Not excited to see that bill…

  • I completely agree – and I’m a nurse practitioner. I see conventional medicine devastating the health of people every day. It is a tragedy. –And I don’t have medical insurance either – hah!

    • @dawn_lovisa:disqus – wow! That’s funny that you are in the system but NOT really in the system. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You see it from the inside, so I’m sure you have even more insight.

      • Debbie Winters

        how do you get out of the system? Isn’t there fines if you do not have health insurance?

        • @disqus_w4eZgiBNCk:disqus yes, there are fines; 1% of my income. I pay my own “health insurance” outside of that system. I certainly have no desire to pay twice for coverage.

  • As a healthcoach myself I do agree with you that we all need to take responsibility for our own health. However when you have athletic children, one that plays Div II college lacrosse, health insurance is essential and gives peace of mind.

    • @allison_macleod:disqus – yes, you’ve got to do what’s best for you and your family.

  • Gema de Patricio Casas

    Well I also agree but is there any insurance plan for emergencies only?
    I don’t want to go bankrupt because “I get hit by a bus”

    • @gemadepatriciocasas:disqus I’m pretty sure you can get “accident” insurance, or something like that.

  • Debbie Winters

    As open enrollment is rounding the corner, and I’ve been told my premiums will be going up 26%, this topic intrigues me. I’m assuming you pay the yearly fines that the Obama Administration has passed??

    • @disqus_w4eZgiBNCk:disqus yes, I have been contacted by the IRS to pay those fines. But unless I receive money back from my taxes, they cannot force me to pay that fine. I haven’t received money back from my tax return in over 15 years. When I get money back – they can take their cut.