Emeril Gets Healthy with Chef Andrea Beaman

September 16, 2010

Emeril Gets Healthy with Chef Andrea Beaman

Posted by Jennifer Sendrow

We spend plenty of time talking about decadent meals on Cooking with Emeril, but we also know that eating well is about moderation in all things. Today we took the maxim of “you are what you eat” to heart and focused on the foods that bring good taste and good health to the table as Emeril sat down with holistic health counselor, chef, teacher, author, and TV host Andrea Beaman.

Here are a few of the tips Andrea gave the many callers who wanted advice on how to change their diets to not only maintain an ideal weight but actually improve their energy levels and overall health as well.

  • Don’t cut out all fat, but make sure you eat good fats. Look for nuts, avocados, grass-fed meat and dairy products, and coconut oil.
  • For thyroid problems – like the one that Andrea was able to cure through diet – she recommends eating more iodine-rich foods like sea salts, seaweeds, shellfish, and sea vegetables. Avoid soy products except for those that are fermented like miso and natto.
  • Drinking wine in moderation – 1-2 glasses, depending on your body size and personal tolerance – can help cut through the fat and protein of a big meal and aid digestion. That’s one reason people have been drinking the stuff for thousands of years.
  • Don’t focus on calories or even on individual nutrients, just cook with whole ingredients, watch your portion sizes, and make sure vegetables are on the plate and you’ll be well on your way to a more balanced diet.
  • Experiment with cooking techniques and make sure your food is delicious. For example, if you dislike salad, roast or saute your vegetables instead. The only healthy diet you’ll stick to is one that tastes good.

Want more? She’s got two books, but in the meantime Andrea was nice enough to share her recipe for chicken soup – just in time for cold and flu season, though I’d eat this any day!