You chose these top 5 healthy recipes in 2021

Every year my team pulls together the analytics of the most liked, shared, and downloaded recipes from my website.

This year, the overwhelming demand was for simple tea to support heart health.

The desire and/or need for this particular recipe could be due to the increase in stress around the world associated with lockdowns, restrictions, plus co-morbidity factors that have been linked to negative outcomes from the virus.

Or maybe people are simply reconnecting to the health of their hearts now more than ever before.

Whatever the reason, my herbal heart health tea recipes took both the #1 and the #3 spots on our list this year.

For full details, check out the TOP 5 recipes of 2021 starting with #5.

#5 – Lung Wellness and Immunity Tea

For 2021, this easy recipe makes perfect sense. More people are getting proactive about supporting the health of their lungs and immune system as we continue going through wave after wave of the never-ending virus.

Just like the ocean has a continuous ebb and flow of waves, so do we humans have a continuous ebb and flow of seasonal respiratory ailments.

Keep in mind as we continue moving through this very interesting time in human history, that viral/respiratory sickness waves are not going to magically come to an end at some point in the future. They are seasonal and will remain that way, for as long as you are inhabiting a body on planet earth.

Supporting your lungs and immunity with this tea is a good idea to healthfully make it through this season and the next, and the next one after that.

#4 – Gut Healing Morning Porridge

So many people around the world have compromised gut integrity due to high stress, overindulging in refined processed foods, high sugar intake, lack of proper chewing, and overdosing on antibiotics.

Since over 70% of our immune system resides in our gut, it’s a wise idea to nourish the gut properly.

There’s a LOT that needs to be done to fully heal the gut, and here’s this Gut-Healing Morning porridge is just one of the easy and delicious ways to start the process.

#3 – Heart Strengthening Hawthorne Tea

We all know C-vid has stolen all the headlines, but for the past 20 years, heart/cardiovascular disease has been the #1 killer of all humans (both males and females), and it still is.

But, the craziest thing about it is… MOST heart disease is preventable with diet and lifestyle improvements.

Don’t fall victim to the staggering statistics of heart disease. Enjoy a cup of this tea 2-3 times per day to strengthen your heart with every sip.

#4 – Crisp and Sweet Japanese Yams

Ohhh the mighty do fall.

In 2020, this Japanese Yam recipe was sitting pretty in the #1 most coveted recipe spot. Folks must have been searching for some sweet carb comfort while they were sitting home on the couch watching Netflix for an entire year.

This recipe falls into the “healthy-carb” category.

If you are searching for starch or a good carb to go with your dinner that is less offensive to your hips than a loaf of bread, you won’t be disappointed with these Crisp and Sweet Japanese Yams. They are totally delish!


#1 – Heart and Blood Pressure Support Tea

And, here you have it!

The number one most downloaded, liked, shared, and prepared recipe of the year.

Who would have thought that a simple Heart and Blood Pressure Support Tea would win the hearts of the masses? Pun intended here.  🙂

It makes perfect sense.

Heart disease is STILL the number one killer of humans around the globe. And, there are many reasons for this…

  • Crappy diet
  • Crappy lifestyle
  • Crappy response to stress

The BEST way to support your heart is to take better care of your overall health and your “self.”

This includes:

I am giving you this simple two-ingredients tea to support your heart’s journey in the physical body, but you’ve got to remember to do the deeper work.

According to ancient healing wisdom, the heart is the true motivator for the human spirit. Make sure you are supporting your heart to the best of your ability to ensure that your journey on the earth is joy-filled and motivated.

Big healthy hugs to you and your beautiful heart!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and wonder-filled 2022.