Wow! Top articles are viral.

Holy cow! Four of my TOP FIVE articles that were clicked on shared, and passed around (like a virus), in 2021 were related to the coronavirus crises.

But, believe it or not, the virus did NOT actually make it to the #1 spot.

Do you want to know which was the most viewed article on my website over the past year?

My team gathered the data from the web (website analytics) and pulled the cream of the crop for you. Here they are starting with number five.

#5 There is No Cure For C-vid, but a Lot You Can Do to Heal

Back in early 2020, my husband and I got hit hard with the OG c0r0navirus (C*vid-19) that started all of this trouble.

I shared details of exactly what we experienced and the various home remedies we used to keep us out of the hospital and move us in the direction of improving health.

We humans are now experiencing the 3rd wave of the virus (omicron), and my hubby and I have yet to be stricken down again – even though we’ve been in daily contact with both vaccinated and unvaccinated people that are actively symptomatic.

Get yourself prepared and ready to fight a winning battle by reading the article.

#4 – This Particular V*ccine Argument Doesn’t Make Any Sense

There has been a lot of arguing about the v@ccine going on around the world that doesn’t make any sense.

This is the argument I’m talking about:

“I’m getting v@ccinated to protect my grandmother, my friend with cancer, my ill family member. All of that is in vain if people choose not to vaccinate because they are healthy. You can be a carrier. You can be the reason someone doesn’t make it through this pandemic.”

That argument didn’t hold water in 2021 and it won’t fare any better in 2022.

#3 You are Spreading the Virus because you are NOT jabbed

People voiced their opinions on my social feeds about people who do NOT have the jab. They said the unjabbed, like me, are selfishly spreading the virus.

They also believed the medical injection was/is safe and effective and will keep them from infecting others.

Unfortunately, as we have witnessed over the past year, those folks have been misled. People that are jabbed can catch and spread the virus as quickly and easily as the unjabbed.

You can read the commentary here. You are spreading the virus because you are not jabbed

I hope one day the folks that attacked the unjabbed can see themselves and their blame and shame more clearly, and find better ways to communicate in 2022.

#2 – Did You Lose Taste and Smell Due to C0r0navirus?

It’s completely normal for folks to lose taste and smell when they get a cold or the other c0r0navirus, but, what is NOT normal is that it was not coming back for many people.

That’s why this article was #2 on the list of our top articles and it was shared and downloaded by so many people. There was, and still is, a BIG need for this information because modern medicine doesn’t have the answers on how to bring it back.

Thankfully, the insight and remedies I shared in this article helped people regain their senses and get back to smelling and tasting all of the delicious foods in the world!

#1 – Got parasites in your body?

And, the number one article in 2021 had absolutely NOTHING to do with the virus, and everything to do with these other bodily invaders… parasites!

As fate would have it, the year before this one, in 2020, a movie called Parasite was the Oscar winner for Best Picture.

But, my article didn’t focus on that movie. Instead, it covered the real live version of what can be found hiding in your body, wreaking havoc on your bodily systems.

Make yourself a big bowl of organic popcorn and read the #1 article of 2021.

Wishing you a wonderful 2022!