What was the Most Prescribed Drug in 2013?

Synthroid drugsAccording to Medscape Pharmacists, hypothyroid medication takes home the award for the most prescribed drug in 2013![1]

Its safe to say that hypothyroidism could be considered epidemic right now – if it were contagious.

And, maybe it is.

To be contagious something must be “communicable.”

When dealing with the thyroid it’s imperative to keep in mind that this endocrine gland is responsible for our ability to communicate on a metaphysical, (mind/body), emotional and spiritual level.

So is thyroid disease an incurable disease that needs a lifetime of medication or is it an idea that has been communicated by the pharmaceutical companies, to the doctors, and then finally to the patient?

It’s something to think about.

What is being communicated by the mainstream medical system may not necessarily be the whole truth.

I’ve heard many stories from clients and students who were informed by their medical practitioners that their thyroid condition was incurable and they needed to take medication, radiate their thyroid, or stay on medication, for the rest of their life.

I was told something very similar by my doctors almost two decades ago. You can read more about that story here: Radiate My Thyroid, No Freakin’ Way!

Thankfully, I questioned what was being communicated to me. And instead, I altered my diet, lifestyle and consciousness, and healed my thyroid disease naturally.

Since healing my condition, I’ve been communicating something very different to the people that are suffering with symptoms of Thyroid disease.

I tell them that their body has the power to heal, and thyroid disease is just a symptom of a body that is out of balance.

To heal an imbalanced condition the body needs time, patience and the right ingredients.

Many of the students and clients I’ve worked with have told me that their thyroid medications were/are simply not working for them.

They were still suffering from the initial symptoms of their diagnosis (weight gain, hair loss, lethargy, exhaustion, brain fog, brittle hair and nails, dry eyes, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, etc).

On the contrary, most of the people I’ve worked with on diet, lifestyle and consciousness have shown great improvements, and in many cases, complete reversal of their thyroid disease.

The fact that thyroid medication was the most widely prescribed drug in 2013 does not mean it is the most effective option for healing a thyroid condition. It just shows that it was the most widely presented option to the masses.

If you are suffering from a thyroid condition (hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, graves, nodules, hashimotos, etc.), I would suggest you seek out ALL options, and not just the one being promoted by the mainstream.

If you are on thyroid medications and they are working for you, great! Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you are on meds and you are NOT feeling better or want to get off them, sign up here to receive information about naturally healing your thyroid delivered directly to your inbox.

And, then… make the choice that communicates best to you.

[1] http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/820011


  • Karen ferrari

    Hello Andrea, thank you very much for everything you post! I find it so insightful and informative.

    I’ve been taking synthroid since the age of thirteen (I’m now 39)!! Kinda scary. I had my thyroid removed at the age of 26. My levels seem to ok at the present time. Do you have any suggestions for someone without a thyroid? Do the same “rules” apply?

    Thanks a lot!
    Karen Ferrari
    Health Coach in Training

    • @Karen Ferrari – If you no longer have a thyroid you have to take some type of thyroid hormone (either synthetic or natural). Always remember to take care of your liver whenever you are on any type of medication. It would be a good idea to do some type of liver cleanse 1x per year to help your body. You can find a good cleanse in a book called Healthy Healing: http://amzn.to/KCw89c

  • lolo

    Andrea, thank you again for your prompt replies. When I tried subscribing on your video series it said that I have already subscribed…does that mean i am enrolled and will be receiving a notification for your videos? i really don’t want to miss any of them. Need to make an informed decision for my son and would appreciate all necessary information. Thank you again!

    • @disqus_5W1TMug25z:disqus – yes, that means you will be receiving notification via email.