What Are You Drinking? Get that out of your water!

One of my clients, a dentist, warned me about the dangers of fluoride. She said, “Don’t drink it in your water, and certainly do NOT put it on your teeth!”

Twenty years ago, I thought that was a radically wild statement, especially coming from a dentist. But, it turns out she was correct.

Here’s an interesting fact, “It is generally agreed that the blood-brain barrier restricts the passage of fluoride into the central nervous system. The human pineal gland is outside the blood-brain barrier. It is one of a few unique regions in the brain (all midline structures bordering the third and fourth ventricles) where the blood-brain barrier is weak. Cells in these regions require direct and unimpeded contact with blood. Therefore, pinealocytes have free access to fluoride in the bloodstream. This access, coupled with the presence of hydroxyapatite (HA), suggests that the pineal gland may sequester fluoride from the bloodstream”[1]

Fluoride accumulation on the pineal gland has been linked to decreased melatonin production and abnormal pineal function, both of which alter the sleep/wake cycles and natural circadian rhythms.

Bottom line: don’t drink fluoridated water!

For those of you drinking distilled water, this may not be a good choice either as it is completely lacking minerals. When we drink water devoid of minerals, our body uses our own minerals to process it.

Filtered water lacks minerals as well and may not the best choice either. I filter my water with a Big Berkey water filter to get all the crap, like fluoride and chlorine, out of it. To remedy the removal of the beneficial minerals that have been removed, I add liquid minerals back in to help it become more balanced.

Or, you can use that filtered water to prepare a nourishing bone stock. It’ll pick up minerals from the bones you cook in it.

You can also take that filtered water and prepare herbal tea that is loaded with minerals and other goodness.

This is certainly not ideal, but you have to make do with what you have within the circumstances we have created.

If I didn’t know better, I would think we humans are creating a planet that only robots could live on, because they do not need to eat or drink anything to survive.

If you are a regular tea drinker, like I am, you may consider buying tea in its whole form, instead of in tea bags. Many of those tea bags are bleached and contain chlorine. I know they are convenient, but if you drink a lot of tea, I would recommend getting a tea ball instead. You can pick one up at any kitchen supply store.

Always remember to think before you drink anything, including water and herbal teas.

[1] http://www.icnr.com/articles/fluoride-deposition.html