WE WERE DIAGNOSED WITH COVID-19. Here's What We Used To Heal.

As of March 28, 2020, New York was the epicenter of Covid-19 infections in the world.

“Approximately 80 percent of all COVID-19 cases exhibit mild to moderate symptoms that don’t require hospitalization. Doctors recommend that these patients self-isolate, stay hydrated, eat well, and manage their symptoms as best they can.”[1]

That’s what my husband, Pablo, and I did.

Pablo’s symptoms started with congestion, dry cough, lethargy, and pain on the right side of his chest. Then, he ran a high fever (102) and had chills. The following day he suffered painful body aches that lasted three days. Each achy day was followed by a feverish night with chills, sweating, and diarrhea. Plus, he lost his sense of smell and taste. By day four he starting feeling a bit better. His symptoms lasted a total of 21 days.

My symptoms began with a painful headache, followed immediately by a fever that lasted two nights. My body aches were excruciating! Plus, my throat was sore, voice got scratchy, and I developed a dry cough. My symptoms began lifting around day 4 but lingered for a full 15 days.

I got tested by the NY State health department on 4/16 and was positive for Covid-19!

We did what some doctors recommended: self-isolated, stayed hydrated, ate well, and managed our symptoms.

Below is what I recommend in the video above:

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Stay hydrated, stay safe, and stay healthy!