Video banned in specific countries

I received a message from Instagram that a video I created over two years ago is now blocked from being viewed in specific countries. One of them being Canada.

Oh Canada…

Below is a screenshot of the warning I received.

No one else can see that message. It’s a warning from behind closed doors, so to speak.

In the video I was poking fun at the mask mandates being lifted in New York City (you can watch the video further below).

Maybe some countries didn’t appreciate my ballsy sense of humor?

That’s okay. It makes it that much funnier to me.

My question is this… “why is this video being banned now a full two years after it was originally posted?”

  • Are the mask mandates coming back in full force?
  • Are they afraid people may be inspired to whip off their masks and breathe freely?
  • Are governments and technocrats using AI to scrub the web of content they don’t like and don’t want you to see?


Some other content I’ve created over the past few years has also been removed from social media platforms, including Linked In.

In an article I posted about censorship, Linked In censored it for violating their policies. It was labeled misinformation and removed from the public’s eye.

Yup, that’s right. My article on censorship was censored – you can’t make this stuff up.

As we inch closer and closer toward Agenda 2030, more and more information that doesn’t fall in line with mainstream thinking will be scrubbed from the web, or at least very difficult to find.

Apparently, governments around the world and the people controlling them, think they know best about what you can legally see and hear.

It’s for your protection, of course.

As for me… I think you’re old enough and wise enough to make your own decisions about what type of content you want to fill your mind with.

If you think you can handle it, I posted the banned video below, where it can’t be blocked from your eyes.

Fair advance warning, if you get offended, it’s your own fault for watching.