Using culinary herbs as food and medicine!

There is a reason why recipes are handed down from generation to generation. Not only are they delicious, many recipes have a variety of healing properties.

There is medicine in your kitchen right now, but only if it is prepared correctly.

Culinary herbs and spices have been used for centuries to abate symptoms, promote immunity, clear congestion, improve digestion, and support bodily functions.

This free training focuses on the top culinary herbs and spices that are in your kitchen right now, and how to use them for both prevention and healing.

Watch this video to:

• Identify culinary herbs and spices that can be used for optimal health

• Define “kitchen medicine” and how to practice using food as medicine

• Incorporate common herbs and spices to create delicious recipes that promote health and healing

• Understand how herbs and spices can be highly effective for many healing and preventative purposes