TSH, T3, T4... STOP chasing the Thyroid bloodwork!

thyroid lab reportAlmost every day I receive emails from people worried about their TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), or wondering how to improve their T3 or T4 (thyroid hormones), or just general concern about how to cure their specific thyroid condition.

I always encourage folks to stop focusing on the hormone levels in the blood tests. Those tests are not accurate in the process of healing thyroid disease.

When I was first diagnosed with “incurable” thyroid disease almost two decades ago, I was originally suffering from hyperthyroid symptoms that included heart palpitations, anxiety, and poor immunity, but I also had symptoms of hypothyroid like weight gain, fatigue, splitting nails, and hair loss.

I refused the recommended treatment for my thyroid condition (radioactive iodine and a lifetime of thyroid hormone) and instead focused on improving my diet and lifestyle.

As I altered my diet, my bloodwork began changing. Each time I went for another blood test my thyroid had shifted into a new form of thyroid disease. First it was hyper, then it was hypo, and it was also Hashimotos Thyroiditis.

My thyroid hormone levels were all over the place!  It was crazy.

But, my physical body was improving on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So I disregarded the blood tests and the doctor’s fears, and listened to my body instead.

Our food creates our blood and that blood feeds all of our organs, systems and glands – including the thyroid gland.  It’s basic common sense that as I adjusted the quality and type of food I was eating, my blood would be feeding my thyroid new nutrients, or nutrients it may have been lacking before.

If I had intervened using medication at any time during my healing process, by focusing solely on my bloodwork without looking at the BIG picture, I would have hindered my body’s healing process.

The body is a self-healing organism. It is perfectly designed. And, if you give it what it needs, it can literally heal itself. I cover that information in depth in my Nourishing Thyroid Health Program.

Going for periodic blood tests is great – it can show you what may possibly be happening inside your body at a given period in time. Or, it could create a false sense of worry and stress if you get stuck chasing the hormone levels in the bloodwork.

We need to look at the body in a much bigger way. The symptoms of thyroid disease are the body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance.

If you want to heal your thyroid condition, it would be wise to focus on getting to the root cause of the disease instead of treating the “symptoms” with medication.

If the thyroid is not functioning properly, there may be one or more underlying reasons for this:

  • Are you getting proper nutrition?
  • Are you overworked?
  • How are your stress levels?
  • Are you overeating sugar, stimulants or carbohydrates (that includes too many whole grains, beans and starchy vegetables).
  • Are you neglecting quality protein and fat?
  • Are you eating an extreme diet (paleo, keto) that excludes carbohydrates?
  • Are your adrenals fatigued?
  • Do you have mercury fillings in your mouth? Root canals?
  • Are you eating too much refined foods that are high in iodized salt?
  • Are you using chemical sweeteners that disrupt endocrine communication?
  • Do you have digestive problems?

These are just a few of the many reasons why the thyroid may be out of balance. And, NONE of these reasons can be found on your thyroid blood test.

It’s time to put your attention on getting to the root cause to heal your imbalanced thyroid condition.

Whether you have hyper, hypo, hashimotos, graves, nodules, goiter, hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism or thyroid cancer – there may be an underlying reason for your condition that you and your doctor are not aware of.

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And, STOP chasing those darn numbers!


  • Lori Hampton

    I only have one lobe…they took the other in a cancer scare… now they want me to medicate. I want to help the lobe left… Is one lobe enough? I am 51, over weight and have fired my doctor. I had changed my T levels with diet to the better but had to fight her tooth and nail to get my Vit D level checked… I had no D to speak of. I just want someone to help me heal… no survive! :0)

    • @lorihampton:disqus – Yes, one lobe is better than none. It’s imperative that you support and nourish your endocrine system the best that you can right now. I’m happy to hear you changed your thyroid levels with diet. If your vitamin D is low you’ve got to start eating good quality cholesterol rich foods AND get some sunshine (do NOT use sunscreen). Keep up the great work on yourself!

      • Lori Hampton

        I have watched your first 2 videos and feel so relieved. I want to heal my body and not do medications. I felt so alone in wanting to do it naturaly. I am tired my stomachs isn’t letting me sleep because no matter what I eat lately I belch all night, I am on my last nerve with anger and no patience…..I have spent the last year with osteopath manipulations putting my back and neck in order and the doctor is open to helping me heal…encourageing me to not do medication ext. But I need nutritional help and guidance on where to begin and when to go the next step…..I am cleaning up our diet and home environment. Doing good I think there. I just hit a bump with digestive issues after a trip and eating out. I have no galbladder and have issues with digesting fats. I also have relied on otc reflux meds. I have a hiatal hernia……I am just tired of one step forward and one back.
        I am looking forward to the rest of your videos. You have given me apath I feel! :0)

        • Ree

          I agree, medication is life saving but being medication free is the ultimate goal!

  • paula

    Hi, I developed sublab hypothyroid. I had all hypo symtoms including 6 nodules. All my labs were perfect except my vitamin D level, was way down. It took me almost 2 years to find the right NDC. After I found the right Doctor, we decided on taking Armor meds due to my poor condition, I wasn’t able to think or fuction at all. Its been almost 5 years now, I made huge nutrional changes also I’m an INN student. Now I feel great, I’m lacto free since 10 years old, gluten free and eat pretty clean foods. I had mayor medical challenges as well. My adrenal are great, nutrition, like chewing and no chemical….BUT I do have metal in my mouth and few root canals, what’s up with that??

  • Chris Hanna

    I’m 59 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 27, which was two months after the birth of my first child. I’ve always felt like that’s what brought it on. My daughter who is 32 also has hypothyroidism and has had it since she was about 10 years old. I’ve always tried to watch what I eat but all the information available today has opened up a whole new perspective on health and eating. My doctor treats with holistic medicine and has helped me a lot over the past 6 years. I have followed you for a while on facebook and have used some recipes from your website. I’m very excited about your Thyroid Video Series. Thank you so much for all you do for people with thyroid conditions. You book is definitely on my list to buy.

  • Trish

    I have mercury fillings and a Root canal!! I was diagnosed with hashimotos not to long after I received my root canal! I have always thought it was the cause of the thyroid issue! I have tried to have it removed by two dentist but neither would.

  • Oh this just reminded me of something. At my midwife appointment she made a comment about checking my thyroid because so many moms have a problem, especially if they breastfeed as long as I did with my first child. Anyway, my thyroid is fine but she still advised me to stop eating sea salt, and instead switch to iodized salt. I understand this is an easy recommendation to make sure a women gets iodine…I kept my mouth shut and kept eating my top quality sea salt AND plenty of sea veggies.

    • @MPfennighaus:disqus – very smart! Eat plenty of sea veggies, they are rich in iodine. BUT, do NOT overeat sea veggies because they can have an adverse effect (hyperthyroid, loose stools, goiter). Remember… everything in moderation.

      • Andrea, how much is too much of seaweed or kelp for instance? How many servings a week would you recommend? Thanks.

        • @melissastoey:disqus – I would recommend 1-2x per week, depending on the condition.

  • Carol

    My body kept attacking my thyroid until it destroyed it. The weird thing is, it’s still trying to destroy. I have hoshimoto . (Sp.) my former Dr. told me this. He has passed away. My current Dr. Doesn’t want to hear about my hair loss, bloated, split nails, etc. All that she cares about is the blood work . I was at the Convention center to hear you speak, Nov. 2 nd. You were so informative. As I was leaving, I saw you talking with people and I knew you had the next session to start. I wish I would of ran up to you. I had so many questions. HELP!!!!!!

  • Melissa Jo

    This is GREAT! I’m a healthy eater, but my dad has Hashimoto’s and is (happily) taking medicine forever. I got blood work done last week and will get the results next week, but want to focus on adjusting my diet and lifestyle rather than worrying about the results. Looking forward to diving into the video series!

  • Judy Griffin

    HI Andrea – I just met with a new client with Thyroid Disease. She is only 16 & already on Synthroid. Her physician recommended she see me & I know only puts patients on meds when he believes absolutely necessary. I am just wondering if she cultivates a healthier lifestyle can she stop using the drug after being on them for a period of time? I just enrolled in your thyroid class to learn more ways how to assist clients with thyroid issues.

    • @judy_griffin:disqus – with each passing generation we are growing more imbalanced at younger ages. 16 years old and already on synthroid can have a damaging effect on her liver and bones. Yes, you are correct, if she cultivates a healthier lifestyle and diet she can eventually get the heck off the meds. You’ll learn more about that in the thyroid video series.

  • shatteredbutterfly

    I wish this info had been more readily available when I was diagnosed in 1979. Synthroid for 20 years then papillary cancer and now I have no thyroid. I plan to have the metal in my mouth removed as I get the funds to do so, and have never had a root canal, but healing my thyroid is no longer an option for me. Keep up the good work on getting the word out!

  • Dene’t

    I am 59 and at 27 I was diagnosed with Hoshimotos. It was after my first pregnancy, however my Mother was told to keep a watch on my thyroid when I was a young girl from a family friend physician… I did treat all the symptoms with diet and for a while it worked but without any further knowledge and someone like you to guide me, I went on the prescribed synthetic drugs. I went along on those without much thought until I got into perimenopause. That’s when I began my healing journey…I am currently on a compounded thyroid supplement, working with a supportive neurological chiropractor, eating as healthy as I can, taking supportive supplements and trying to keep my stress levels down. This is a challenge as a Grandma Nanny of 3 🙂 I have had my TPO tested 3 times since May 2013 and find it going in the right direction, from 58 to 15 in 7 months! My Vit D is also on the rise. I have attempted to get off my meds twice now but was unable. I feel I need something more….like a missing piece that I haven’t figured out yet.
    I am hoping and praying I can find the answers in your video series, perhaps in your books or even on your webpage. I am a forever optimist, I will keep on searching and working towards freedom of drugs and good health!

    • @715e3656f1c841f95bbf50d95cd25ffb:disqus – I’m so happy to hear you’re trying to keep your stress levels down. This is such an important aspect to healing. Be patient with getting off the meds – I talk about that in video #3.

  • Yolanda

    Since raw almonds are not recommended for hypothyroid, does it help if they are soaked before they are blended into milk or is it the same affect?

    • @c8e02c3184268063c94864c789d517fe:disqus – yes, soaking the almonds helps reduce phytic acid. And, removing the skins eliminates the cyanide and digestive problems.

  • Shannon

    In your upcoming Nurturing your Thyroid will you discuss how to wean yourself thyroid meds like Synthroid.

  • katie Paez

    Which book do I order to start your program? I have hashimotos. Thank you! You’re awesome!!

  • drblanchegrube

    Dear Andrea, Loved your home page story about thyroid problems. What people need to understand is that the HEAVY metal mercury from their silver dental fillings sinks down to the thyroid gland during the same time they are swallowing the mercury and it screws up their digestion and whole metabolism. Keep doing what you’re doing and thanks! Blanche D Grube, DMD, IMD

    • @drblanchegrube:disqus – right on, doc! I cover that info in my Nourishing Thyroid Program. Thanks for taking such good care of my hubby today. Keep up the great work!

  • Meredith

    Hey Andrea! I feel a bit lost and a lot panicked 😛
    I have been saying for about 2 years that my hair was thinning. Just tonight when I showed my husband he agreed that things look different. I rarely go to the doc, had a physical a year ago…. TSH was 3.25 all other thyroid stuff was “normal” according to lab standards. Have always been prone to anxiety but had a severe bout in August and September. Then 2 weird menstrual cycles. Just turned 43, wondering if it could be perimenopause , definitely adrenals I’m sure also. I KNOW I’m outta whack. I hesitate to go to the doc, I’m afraid of getting lost and overwhelmed and sent for all kinds of tests. I Don’t feel I can figure all this out on my own however. I don’t know where to start. Hormones? Thyroid? Diet? Do I need to know exactly what I’m dealing with first? In the videos you mention certain foods can help some and harm others. Is it trial and error? Where would you suggest I start?

    • @1e7b2be59fb4425eb7c0d88a83ca0211:disqus – You are not alone! So many people have no idea where to start. But, you do know that you are “outta whack.” That’s a great place to start. Something is out of balance and you know it. First look into the diet and see if you’re eating enough saturated fat and protein. If your hair is thinning your adrenals may not be getting nourished properly. I would suggest picking up my Adrenal DVD to help get you rebalanced. It’s a great place to start. https://andreabeaman.com/nourishing-adrenal-health-dvd/

  • Karen Gardner

    Hey Andrea, I found a goiter 4 yes ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was hyperthyroid , and did radioactive iodine and wish I had never done that, but now I am hypothyroid so they say. Didn’t shrink my goitet, and I feel like o am still hypo and hyper. Its weird. I have burning mouth now which is weird also. I am wondering if its too late for me to help myself? I feel OK first part of day then go downhill afternoon on. I take 100mcg synthoid;/ wanted your opinion. Thanks and have great Thanksgiving. Been stage 1 cancer free for nearly 4 yrs.

    • @disqus_x3mFOqIR33:disqus – Congrats on being cancer free for 4 years. that’s awesome! As far as thyroid… It’s never too late to help yourself. I’m a firm believer that as long as you are alive and breathing, you can improve any condition on some level. If you are feeling okay in the beginning of the day and then going downhill you could be suffering with blood sugar issues. Make sure you’re not overeating carbs and grains without balancing fat and protein. And, you can also take a daily walk (35-40 minutes) to help regulate blood sugar.

  • lolo

    andrea,my 20 year old son was dignosed with a thyroid tumour. How can we avoid surgery when biopsy results indicate 50% suspicious for malignancy? WE still don’t understand what this means…does he have cancer or not? He’s had 2 biopsies so far both yielded same results. He’s also under the care of a naturopathic doctor but his surgeon is insisting he remove half his thyroid.

    • @disqus_5W1TMug25z:disqus – I’m sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. Please keep in mind that “suspicious” results do not mean “cancer.” I would hold off on removing half the thyroid because the biopsy is inconclusive. As for right now, tell him to NOT put a cell phone up to his face, reduce sugar and excess carbohydrates and follow the guidelines here on this page: https://andreabeaman.com/radiate-my-thyroid-what-no-freakin-way/

      • lolo

        Andrea, thank you for your reply. I would like to purchase a DVD to help my son. Should I purchase the one on adrenals or thyroid? in either case i tried purchasing and downloading and am having trouble with both. Also, I live in Canada so is the information on how and where to purchase wholesome foods applicable to us Canadians? Thank you for all your help.

        • @disqus_5W1TMug25z:disqus – Yes, I emphasize seasonal/local eating in all of the work I do. It helps to make the body more energized and balanced, which can promote quicker healing. I would suggest to start with the Thyroid DVD. If you have trouble downloading video files, you could always purchase a hard copy (although it would take longer to get to you). I also have another online Thyroid class coming up in April. You can find details here: https://andreabeaman.com/members/programs/nourishing-thyroid-health/

  • andrea30

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