Top Health Articles in 2019!

I’ve got a lot to say about health and wellness and have been sharing my alternative and natural healing perspective for over 20 years.

I truly love this work, sharing healing knowledge with you!

Some articles that I’ve written have been deemed too controversial for some folks, and some have been shared like crazy on the internet.

Checking by the numbers, my team has pulled together the top five articles on health that received the most traffic both to my website and on my social media feeds.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 Health Articles. Enjoy!

1 – Got Parasites in your Body? I bet you do!

So many people are suffering from mysterious illnesses. They go to the doctor and get a battery of blood tests that reveal nada, nothing, zippo!

Oftentimes, it’s actually rogue parasite populations have grown out of control and are wreaking havoc internally! Read more about that here.

2 – The Curse of Candida!

20 years ago Candida overgrowth was a BIG deal in the health and wellness industry. And, guess what… 20 years later, it still is!

We all have Candida Albicans in our body, but it can become pathogenic in an immune-compromised body. Here’s how to keep that candida in check!

3 – Can you eat too many vegetables? Yes, you can.

I’m a BIG fan of eating a wide variety of vegetables. And, I recommend rotating veggies throughout the year (seasonally) to give your body the nutrients to support a diverse microbiome.

BUT, I’ve known lots of folks that overeat vegetables and do NOT listen to what their body is saying it needs. Here’s a great example.

4 – Have you experienced maca yet? Don’t eat it raw!

Maca is all the rage since it hit the market about 10 years ago. It’s considered a “superfood” because of its ability to balance hormones, promote sexual vitality and boost the immune system.

BUT… don’t put it in your smoothie because it should NOT be eaten raw. Read more about that here.

5 – Want to know how to nourish your kidneys?

According to ancient healing medicine, our kidneys carry our life-force and ultimately our energy and ability to courageously move forward and take on life’s challenges.

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced society, we are depleting our kidney energy and this disrupts the functioning of every system in your body.

Here’s an overview of what to look for, and how to nourish your kidneys.