To mask or not to mask? Here are your responses.

Recently, I wrote an article about wearing masks in public.  The responses were passionate on both sides of the equation.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for sharing your thoughts with me on my website, and on all of the social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

I believe it’s important to hear each other’s views about what’s happening in the world and how it is impacting us all, collectively.

I pulled some of my favorite responses for you.

“I’ve been a huge proponent of you for years, however, I’m so disturbed in regard to the irresponsible post you recently made about not wearing masks that I no longer feel comfortable following your advice. Science supports wearing masks in public to slow the spread of a highly infectious virus. And suggesting to your audience that it’s not necessary is absolutely appalling and dangerous. Make a retraction or remove me from your list.” – A

I too have read and researched the science and that’s why I wrote the article. I have also witnessed what is being spewed by the media and how that is impacting people’s perceptions. I understand her point of view, and I will NOT make a retraction.

Here’s someone with the opposite view:

“THANK YOU! Thank you for using your platform to speak the truth. Thank you for thinking for yourself, for understanding how our bodies work and embracing an empowered understanding of what is actually happening. I am so so frustrated from the fear driven messages we are being fed. I have three young children and our lives have been turned upside down from having to abide by rules that are not made by common sense or facts, just to get them the social interaction and educational experience they need. We are constantly “pushing it” with our new community by not putting masks on our kids when we have play dates or meet ups OUTSIDE. I refuse to have my kids hike in a mask or wear them in our own home with a single friend. We are so close to being black-listed at school and it breaks my heart. I wish there were more people like you speaking out to make this message the norm so more in society would feel comfortable to live a life that allows for the genuine connection we all need. Thank you again!”A

Here’s another mom’s perspective:

“I wanted to say is that I agree 💯 with you! I had COVID, my husband did not get sick, neither did my 3 children. We did not distance from each other. We wear masks in the grocery store just because it’s mandatory, but never outside. We socialize with friends. My son is six years old, he does not put on a mask in the store. People are afraid of us like we have the plague. It’s very sad to me because as humans we need to interact with each other, we need to see each other’s faces so we know how the other person feels; is he upset, happy or angry. People are scared from other people and that makes me very sad and angry at the same time. It’s not human!!! People need to wake up!” – T

And, here is some feedback from a practitioner on the front line:

“I have been a follower for some time. I believe you have a lot of great knowledge but I also believe this time you have missed the mark. You see I am a nurse and as a health care professional, we need you to wear your masks to help slow the spread until we get vaccines. We cannot absorb an out of control pandemic. We are tired, frustrated and so many are leaving the profession that we are often understaffed. People are not able to get other surgeries they need, and often loved ones have to be taken to hospital hours away from their home even in emergencies because of the beds taken up by this pandemic. So if anyone here reads this, please wear a mask. It truly is a very simple thing to do to prevent the spread. You never know if the next person will end up with a severe case or if they will die. Just a check in on the severity. While many do have a mild case, there are those who are having chronic conditions that are preventing them from returning to work. Many have had amputations and even some are waiting for lung transplants. AND it is important you understand not all of these people had underlying conditions, on the contrary, many of them did not. So this is NOT a conspiracy, or some type of new world order……this is a virus that is threatening our ability to care for everyone, our economy and what seems to be our decency and common sense.” – M

Here’s another nurse’s perspective:

“Thank you! It’s so refreshing to see someone with common sense! And not afraid to voice it! I’m an RN and I feel what’s going on is ridiculous! I’ve closed myself off from News, FB, and most mainstream media. The scare tactics for something with a current death rate lower than the flu is astounding! Thank you for writing this article! (PS have your Thyroid book and love it)” – T

And, someone who has a friend that is a nurse:

“Thank you! I totally agree with all you said. My best friend is a nurse, and we have been together since all this began without masks. I will not live in fear and just follow what someone else advises when it makes no sense and has nothing to back it up. There is definitely a place for masks as you stated, but not everywhere, and certainly not outside!” – R

Let’s not forget about the political points of view – as there were many:

“Andrea, I have been following you for years but you have lost me. Your recommendation is careless and irresponsible to your readers. and more like our ex President, who could have prevented many of these deaths by wearing a mask himself and telling everyone else to wear one. While I know your philosophy of healthy eating, to which I subscribe, your readers are not necessarily as careful about passing the virus along when you recommend what you have said. If this is how you feel, it would be prudent to keep it to yourself. Per our experts across the country, whom you obviously doubt, the mask is at least a deterrent and might save someone else’s life. We are very far from a vaccine for all, even if distribution starts at the end of the year. Sad to read this from you.” – K

Here’s another political view:

“I have COPD and wearing a mask is horrible. Worse when exercising. It’s up to the individual to maintain their own health. Not the Govt! Wash your hands. Eat clean. Stop the garbage food band wagon. Soda, cake, cookies, sugar, fast food; it all weakens your immune system. Take vitamins. Juice. Why do we all have to be under this puppet communism? Sorry to those who do not see it that way. This is getting ridiculous for the purpose of politics. Do your own research. Sad that some block and unfollow just because they don’t agree with it. Lots of mental cognitive functions being altered. So fed up with up this society lately.” – N

And, another political, or not so political, view (similar to my own):

“Thank you, Andrea for sharing! I don’t wear a mask either when walking outside because I share the same point of view. It’s not about belonging to a political party. It’s common sense. I’m so disappointed with New Yorkers. I walk down the streets of Brooklyn without a mask and people roll their eyes at me or better yet, tell me that I should be wearing a mask because I’m disrespectful. It’s not about that. I’m just breathing outside. Not on top of anyone. Just walking down a street. It’s the same when you sit down at a table without a mask at a restaurant.” – L

Someone used the information I shared, and questions something I have questioned as well:

“Thanks for the information. I didn’t read the box of masks, and I should have, because they make my face itch when I wear them too long. You speak common sense about the usage of the masks. Breathing in too much carbon dioxide can be toxic. I have to have fresh air, my body craves it. People are wearing masks inside of their cars and they are riding by themselves 🙄 Why???” – J

Some people have lost respect for me, and other folks think I’m insightful.

“Thoughts and opinions from someone that is neither a doctor or an immunologist. How sad to use your platform to encourage people not to look out for their fellow human or to maybe be a tad inconvenienced for a short time for the good of others. You’ve lost a follower and a whole lot of respect. – W

“Thank you for this insightful and cool-headed perspective. I also don’t wear a mask outdoors, despite the glares and judgement. I’m not talking about walking through dense crowds, I’m talking about riding my bike. In the street. Our lungs need the air.” – M

Some people feel relief and some people will never recommend me or my services again:

“Reading your blog, with all the confusion and overload of information regarding COVID-19, you make complete sense. And, I do feel a sense of relief. Perhaps it’s the words you chose but I am definitely feeling more ‘in control’ and not so fed up, thank you.” – P

“Andrea, you’ve lost me. I’ll never take another class from you, buy anymore of your books, nor recommend you as I have in the past. Your position on masks is entitled, elitist, and entirely insensitive to the people dying and suffering in this pandemic. I vote with my dollar and will not be sending anymore in your direction”
– E


Here are some folks that won’t wear a mask or take the vaccine:

“She said to arm yourself with the information that is available to all. Read about it, all about it! I have and have learned that it is far less dangerous compared to the hundreds of strains of the flu. The masks that you can buy do not stop the virus it just makes you feel better about yourself. As for the vaccine! Wow I would never put that stuff in my body!” – L

“We live just outside of Fort Worth Texas. My husband wore a mask to go into the grocery store in the very beginning in March of this so-called pandemic crap! I will be 69 years old next week & had the flu shot once and I was allergic to it over 15 years ago. I’ve never had the flu and have never, never put on a mask. The grocery stores here let you in & several other places in this small historical town. I can’t go into antique stores in Fort Worth without a mask, so you know what, I stay home. I’m not bowing down to these people and I’m not taking a vaccine either.” – D

Me neither! I wrote a new article about vaccines as well.  You can check it out here: We are still a nation divided.

Finally, I’ll end this article with a wise comment from Suzi.

“This topic is almost as polarizing as abortion. I have never seen anything that has come close until now. Such fervor!! I wish we would find a way to use this energy for good rather than reduce ourselves to attacking one another. I praise the healers who have a true commitment to the cause. The cause: people achieving and maintaining health and wellness. This comes in many forms and I don’t want to ever compromise spirit and peace of mind. That being said, we all have to do what is authentic to us, uniquely us. And with that respect one another, as we would want others to respect us. Less judgment and more listening would be good, too!! Open minds, open hearts, clean hands and fresh air  PEACE”. – S