Thyroidectomy is the new Black

Trends happen all the time in food, fashion, media, and medicine.

Thyroidectomies are the latest surgical trend presented by mainstream medicine as the solution for thyroid diseases including hyperthyroidism, nodules, and goiter.

It may be an overly aggressive approach and an entirely unnecessary procedure.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s tonsillectomies were all the rage. At seven years old, I had a traumatic accident and needed eleven stitches to close a wound across the bridge of my nose.

After surgery, I remember sitting in the hospital bed with white gauze taped across my face, listening to the doctor advise my mom to consider having my tonsils removed.

He asked me to open my mouth so they could get a look inside. He showed her my irritated, enlarged tonsils, and handed me a mirror so I could see them, too.

They looked like big, red poisonous mushroom caps sprouting from the inside of my throat!

He asked if I had frequent colds and throat infections. Both my mom and I told him my throat was always swollen; I lost my voice often and was frequently sick. The doctor advised that while I was in the hospital, he could quickly remove the tonsils and reassured my mom I wouldn’t be sick in the future.

The doctor was condemning my tonsils for the many maladies I was experiencing in my young life. In truth, the poor food choices I reached out for had caused my condition. At the age of seven, I was already a full-blown sugar junkie, constantly compromising my immune system with sweet, nutrient-depleting substances.

Pop-Tarts, Captain Crunch, Frosted Flakes Blow Pops, and other candies were my main staples – sugar, sugar, and more sugar!

My irritated tonsils and immune system were loudly advising me to “stop eating that crap!”

Thankfully, my mom declined the tonsillectomy and I left the hospital intact.

Tonsillectomies were an aggressive procedure that didn’t cure anything. We know today that it is NOT wise to remove the tonsils because they play an integral part in stopping future infections.[2]

“In the United States, the number of tonsillectomies has declined significantly and progressively since the 1970s.”[1]

Removing an organ, gland, or body part is a costly procedure and does not cure ANY disease.

The body part itself is not the cause of the dysfunction.

Hearts do not cause heart attacks, brains do not cause strokes, breasts do not cause cancer, tonsils do not cause tonsillitis, and thyroids do not cause thyroid disease.

The same thing that happened with the tonsils in the 1970s is happening with the thyroid. I hear from people all the time that have either had their thyroid radiated, or the doctor is advising its removal to “cure” their condition.

It’s simply not true.

Removing or destroying the thyroid will NOT cure the underlying condition. The thyroid is not the cause of thyroid disease. Something else is going on internally that needs to be addressed.

According to ancient wisdom, the thyroid is our great communicator. The thyroid may be warning us that we are out of balance in some way and need to get realigned.

We need to listen to what this beautiful little gland has to say, not silence her forever.

I’ve met many people that have had their thyroid gland removed or radiated and still feel like crap, and are suffering from symptoms. Unfortunately, most of them feel even worse now than before they had the procedure.

If you are being advised to have your thyroid removed, radiated, or destroyed in some way, I suggest taking a moment to rethink that advice.

Instead, get to know your thyroid gland and go a little deeper. What is the thyroid telling you about the symptoms being presented?

  • Are you out of balance in some way (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?
  • Is your body being supported with good nutrition and daily exercise?
  • Are you overworked and stressed out?
  • Are you speaking your truth?

Enough is enough!

Don’t let yourself become a statistic for the latest medical trend.

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It’s time to stop blaming the thyroid for all the symptoms your body may be experiencing and start listening to what she has to say.

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