Thyroidectomy is the new Black

ThyroidTrends happen all the time in food, fashion, media and medicine.

Thyroidectomies are the latest surgical trend presented by mainstream medicine as the solution for thyroid diseases including hyperthyroidism, nodules, and goiter.

It may be an overly aggressive approach, and an entirely unnecessary procedure.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s tonsillectomies were all the rage. At seven years old, I had a traumatic accident and needed eleven stitches to close a wound across the bridge of my nose.

After surgery, I remember sitting in the hospital bed with white gauze taped across my face, listening to the doctor advise my mom to consider removing my tonsils. He asked me to open my mouth so they could get a look inside.  He showed her my irritated, enlarged tonsils, and handed me a mirror so I could see them, too.

They looked like big, red poisonous mushroom caps sprouting from the inside of my throat!

He asked if I had frequent colds and throat infections. Both my mom and I told him my throat was always swollen; I lost my voice often, and was frequently sick. The doctor advised that while I was in the hospital, he could quickly remove the tonsils and reassured my mom I wouldn’t be as sick in the future.

The doctor was condemning my tonsils for creating the many maladies I was experiencing in my young life. In truth, the poor food choices I reached out for had caused my condition. At the age of seven I was already a full-blown sugar junkie, constantly compromising my immune system with sweet, nutrient-depleting substances. Pop Tarts, Captain Crunch, Blow Pops and other candies were my main staples – sugar, sugar, and more sugar!

My irritated tonsils and immune system were loudly advising me to “stop!”

Thankfully, my mom declined the tonsillectomy and I left the hospital intact.

Tonsillectomies were an aggressive procedure that didn’t “cure” anything. We know today that it is NOT wise to remove the tonsils because they play an integral part in stopping future infections.[2] “In the United States, the number of tonsillectomies has declined significantly and progressively since the 1970s.”[1]

Removing an organ, gland or body part is a costly procedure, and does not cure ANY disease. The body part itself is not the cause of the dysfunction. Hearts do not cause heart attacks, brains do not cause strokes, breasts do not cause cancer, tonsils do not cause tonsillitis, and thyroids do not cause thyroid disease.

The same thing that happened with the tonsils in the 1970’s is currently happening with the thyroid. I hear from people all the time that have either had their thyroid radiated, or the doctor is advising it’s removal to “cure” their condition.

It’s simply not true. Removing or destroying the thyroid will NOT cure the underlying condition. The thyroid is not the cause of thyroid disease. Something else is going on internally that needs to be addressed.

According to ancient wisdom the thyroid is our great communicator. The thyroid may be warning us that we are out of balance in some way and need to get realigned.

We need to listen to what this beautiful little gland has to say, not silence her forever.

I’ve met many people that have had their thyroid gland removed or radiated and still feel like crap, and are suffering with symptoms. Unfortunately, most of them are feeling even worse now then before they had the procedure.

If you are being advised to have your thyroid removed, radiated or destroyed in some way, I would suggest you take a moment to rethink that advice.

Instead get to know your thyroid gland and go a little deeper.

  • What is the thyroid telling you with the symptoms that are being presented?
  • Are you out of balance in some way (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?
  • Is your body being supported with good nutrition and daily exercise?
  • Are you overworked and stressed out?
  • Are you speaking your truth?

Once you get to the root cause of the underlying condition, you can make adjustments in your diet, lifestyle and consciousness to shift your body into healing.

Enough is enough! Don’t let yourself become a statistic for the latest medical trend.

If you need more insight on how to heal your thyroid condition, opt-in to receive thyroid supportive information PLUS two FREE chapters of my best-selling book: Happy Healthy Thyroid – The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally.

It’s sure to give you the guidance you need to start the healing process on many levels.

It’s time to stop blaming the thyroid for all the symptoms your body may be experiencing and start listening to what she has to say.



  • Janelle Casella


  • Gloria

    Andrea my daughter have to have a biopsy of her thyroids, I do not how to explain to her that there are better ways to take of her thyroid. She had bone cancer at age 26 and the endrocronologist feels that because she had cancer is best to do the biopsy and then what?I ask myself? I would to take her to one of your classes but I can get through her. I am having issues myself I had develop antibodies in my thryroid and I tried Armor but it was to drastic for me I lost a few lbs whithin a few days and scared me. I went to my regular doctor and told me just because I had develop antibodies it doe not mean I have Hypothyroid and should stop. As you can read we both could use your help.

    • @Gloria – I’m sorry to hear about what’s happening with your daughter. If you can, try and let go and let her live her life the way she wants. You can’t force someone to try an alternative treatment, even if you think it may be good for them. As far as your antibodies being high – it could mean you are allergic to some type of food you are eating, or that your digestive system is stressed out. You can read more about what to eat here:

  • Mary Louise

    Hi Andrea! I am a registered nurse and a holistic health professional. About a year and a half ago I detected a small thyroid nodule on the left side of my thyroid gland. I have had a health consulting practice for about 30 years and of course I have been committed to handling the situation with natural solutions. I have also been a vegetarian for 30 years. I began supplementing with iodine, L-Tyrosine and selenium and with continuing research I have used every natural protocol known to man, including leading edge energy medicine, gluten-free diet, adrenal support, consuming therapeutic grade essential oils for the endocrine system…and the list is too long to include everything I have done on the physical level. I have also addressed the psychological and spiritual levels and have come to understand some of the root causes of this challenge. Presently I am dealing with a large goiter (7-8 inches across) on the left side that is causing compression symptoms and has displaced the trachea by about 2 inches. I am awaiting results of a biopsy. My thyroid panel is amazingly normal at this time, as is my body temp. (which was low before) and I am happy to say that I have lost 2-3 pounds each month for the last year and subsequently, I have achieved a healthy body weight. I must say that I am disappointed that the goiter has not been handled, or showed any reduction in size at this time. If the biopsy is benign, I am looking at a partial thyroidectomy and it looks like the right side is functioning well enough that it is likely that I would not need replacement therapy. Thyroidectomy is my last resort, but this is where things stand at this time. So that’s my story. I’m just wondering if you might have any comments or suggestions. Thank you so much.

    • @disqus_1SxidDzmf8:disqus your thyroid panel is normal so I would certainly hold off on a thyroidectomy. Please take the time to watch my FREE thyroid video series next week. You can sign up here I also had a goiter. It took about 18 months to go down but it did. Plus I’ve had many clients that have reduced/eliminated their goiters as well.

      • Mary Louise

        Thanks for your speedy reply. Given the size of this goiter, and the compression symptoms, as well as the displacement of the trachea, I’m wondering if I can wait much longer. How large was your goiter?… and perhaps you might comment on the size of goiters of some of your clients.

        • @disqus_1SxidDzmf8:disqus – you can see the size of my goiter in the link below. I’ve also had many clients that had much larger goiters than mine:

          • Mary Louise

            Thanks for the link. A few days ago I went ahead with my endocrinologist’s recommendation to do a biopsy (given the size, 20 cm across, of my goiter.) I have actually only seen her for an ultrasound and now the biopsy. 3 days ago I received the results of the biopsy, which was positive for papillary cancer. The standard of medical care is, of course, total thyroidectomy and 6 weeks later the Rx with radioactive iodine. The next step is to schedule a consultation with the ENT surgeon and proceed with the protocol. Needless to say, I am crushed,considering all of the anti-cancer supplementation, diet and alternative treatments I have relied upon. It has shaken my faith in a way of life and way of thinking that I have had for more than 30 years. (I will be 70 in June of this year.) According to western medicine this treatment has a high success rate, possibly as high as 93%, but this standard treatment is a real stretch for me, given my belief that harming the body is no way to heal it. Nonetheless this cancer diagnosis is more than daunting. I admire your point of view on this subject and most of all your spunk! With this new development do you have any further comments regarding my situation. Thanks for all you do!

          • @disqus_1SxidDzmf8:disqus – I understand you’re feeling crushed. Sending you a hug. You could have the best diet and lifestyle in the world and still get cancer. You did the best you could with everything you had. Cancer happens. Follow your intuition and get the treatment that calls to you (including modern medicine). There is nothing to feel bad about. Do what you feel you must do. Have you read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton? It’s a great book. Check it out. And, keep up the great work on yourself.

          • Mary Louise

            Thanks so much, Andrea. I am aware of Lipton’s book. I’ll check it out. I’m wondering if you have my email address. I did want to share something with you, but would prefer to do it privately.

          • @disqus_1SxidDzmf8:disqus – you can email me at

  • DolphinGirl

    Andrea, I’m a student at IIN. Do you know anything about recommended surgical treatment for hyperparathyroidism? Partial removal?

  • Jenny

    Andrea, if we no longer have tonsils how can we make up for the loss? I am now suffering from so many issues and have been diagnosed with hashimotos.

  • Jordan

    Hi Andrea,
    At 15 I unfortunately received radio active iodine for my Graves disease due to my lack of knowledge in health. I am now 19 and still haven’t been able to balance my hormones and actually feel worse than I did prior to my treatment. I have tried everything and have been to 7 different doctors. I am currently taking a a bio identical hormone replacement since it seems to be the most natural way to go about it. At this point I am at a complete loss. My weight won’t budge not even a pound no matter how healthful I eat or how much exercise I do. My digestion is horrible and my anxiety and depression just seems to be getting worse. The symptoms go on from there. I so terribly wish I could go back in time and heal my hyperthyroidism the natural way but that’s just not possible so, my question for you is if there is any way I will be able to either heal my thyroid after RAI or even be able to just balance out my hormones so that I can get back to feeling like myself again. Have you dealt with any clients with a similar case as mine? Any advice would be much appreciated 🙂


    • @Jordan – awwwhh I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling worse. Totally stinks! I know it’s not possible for you to go back in time – you can only keep moving forward and make the best choices you can. You can still live a healthy and happy life. The first thing you’ll want to do is start by healing your digestive system. You can read more about that below. In the meantime, remember to be patient. Healing takes time. The tendency for “hyperthyroid” people is to want to do everything all at once in the quickest amount of time. Take it easy, slow down, relax – you can do this: