The Wizard of Dr. Oz - Has He Finally Quacked Up?

Basic RGBWelcome, Dr. Oz, to the world of quackery.

According to your adversaries you have joined the ranks of traditional healers around the world that have been ostracized for sharing an alternative perspective rather than the one prescribed by mainstream medicine.

I’m really happy the bullies picked on you, Dr. Oz. It’s about time!

And, I think you did a good job exposing their agenda.

But, you are fortunate, Dr. Oz.

Had this confrontation taken place 300 years ago, you would have surely been strung up and hanged or burned alive in the town square for practicing as a wizard, warlock or witch.

What is it about traditional, natural and ancient forms of healing the scares the bejeezus out of many conventional practitioners, the AMA, and the misinformed public?

Whether it’s herbs, positive thinking, energetic healing, or using non-GMO foods for healing, what on earth could cause so much fuss?

Could it be their potential to actually work?

I’m sure you remember back in the 1970’s when chiropractors were called quacks, too. They are now accepted practitioners, and have helped alleviate a LOT of pain and discomfort for many people.

I want to inform you, Dr. Oz, that just as you have your adversaries, you also have supporters.

There are a growing number of alternative practitioners and natural healers that won’t be silenced:

And, there are many more practitioners in the health and wellness industry that are making a difference by fearlessly sharing their work with the masses.

They provide comfort, relief, healing and hope for the throngs of people that are suffering and seeking alternatives.

Just in case you ever need some back up, you’ll find it in the unconventional faces that have been previously stricken to the shadows, and who are now free to emerge and shine their light and knowledge into the world.

We’ve got our healing gloves on, and are ready to fight the good fight.

Keep up the great work sharing options about alternative and traditional practices, doc.