The Soda Pop Kid

  • Laura

    Andrea and Brandon,

    That was the cutest, most fun video! I loved it and will try homemade soda with my children too.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Andrea

      Yay! So happy you enjoyed our video and you’re going to try it with your own kids. Brandon is my nephew and he was adventurous with the flavors. Keep me posted and let me know what flavors your kids like.

  • Hi Andrea,
    Awesome!!! I love this, now I can share it with Moms, Aunts and all those who love kids!

    • Andrea

      Yes, please share with everyone! Thank you.

  • Laura

    Delicious! Made some grape soda with the kids. Seltzer, welch’s frozen grape juice concentrate(2tbsp), maple syrup and brown rice syrup (tbsp. each). Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Andrea

      Awesome! Sounds totally delicious.

  • Hi Andrea,
    These were great. What’s the name of the safe food additives book you were reading from? I’d love to add it to my library. Thanks!!

    • Andrea

      Food Additives: A Shoppers Guide to What’s Safe & What’s Not! By Christine Hoza Farlow.

  • I LOVE THIS, Andrea! I will be sending to many people. Thank you so much for your message! Inspiring and Life saving!

    • Andrea

      Hi Alice! Thank you for sending out the video. I think if more people (especially kids) knew what was really in their food, they may think twice about eating or drinking it!

  • Jen

    Andrea, I love this! My daughter is seven and has never had a soda, but I am going to challenge the parents that I work with to give this a try! I’m also going to pick up the Food Additives book that you were using. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Andrea

      I LOVE that your daughter has never had soda! You’re a good mom. Thanks for sharing the info and video. I think it’ll help kids (and parents!) make better choices.

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  • Kim

    This is an awsome video with “high mileage” info! And Brandon is such a cute little rock star! I will be sharing this video with all my friends who have kids! Thanks for all the work you do Andrea! You ARE making a difference!!

    • Andrea Beaman

      Thanks Kim! So happy to hear you’re going to share the video with your friends that have kids. So important for them to see there are alternative sodas that taste delicious, too!

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  • This is fabulous! I’m sharing this with everyone!!! I totally juice with my kids and we add seltzer to make our own but we call them “mocktails” not soda though 🙂

  • Amy

    This is awesome. My kids will love this and I won’t feel bad about giving them this soda!