The ONE Thing You Can Do to Heal Thyroid Disease...

I’m always amazed at how many people contact me asking for the ONE thing that they can do to heal their thyroid condition.

It doesn’t matter if they have hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Graves, or Hashimoto’s, many of them ask the same question.

But, it’s not only the people that are sick with thyroid disease that seek the “ONE thing,” it’s also folks in the mainstream media.

On two separate interviews hosts’ have asked, “If you can you give our listeners ONE thing that could heal their thyroid condition, what would it be?”


There is NEVER just ONE thing to heal your thyroid disease, or any other disease you may be suffering with. Healing the body takes a series of consistent steps to ensure your whole bodily system is functioning well.

We have been brainwashed to believe that there is ONE magic pill we can take to cure our ailments – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. And, if we continue thinking that way, it will lead to a long road of disappointments and failures that will leave us feeling defeated.

On the other hand, by taking the appropriate steps to heal your body, you can meet with insight, clarity and the path to success!

Here are just a few steps to consider as you take on the task of healing your thyroid.

Change the quality of your food

This is the first step in any healing protocol.

Get off the crap and eat real food!

Beyond that, there are many dietary tweaks you can make to ensure good health.

But, just start with this first step. Get some wholesome nutritious food into your body as often as possible.

Heal your digestive system

If you live in the world today, at some point in your life your digestive system has been compromised.

Either at birth if you weren’t breastfed, or through a steady stream of antibiotics as you were growing up, or from eating a highly refined diet lacking in beneficial probiotics and prebiotics.

Without good digestion, you cannot absorb properly and won’t heal anything.

Read here for my top suggestions for healing your digestive system: Without Good Digestion You Won’t Absorb Nutrients

Reduce stress

The ONE Thing You Can Do to Heal Thyroid Disease...

High stress (both physical and emotional) disrupts the functioning of the digestive system, upsets blood sugar levels, and depletes adrenal energy.

All of that compromises the health of your thyroid.

Besides that, stress is a killer!

It’s time to learn how to relax.

I cover relaxation techniques here: Slow Down Sister!

Improve your lifestyle by getting good sleep

If you are staying up late at night, and not getting adequate rest, you are disrupting your body’s natural circadian rhythms.

This will throw your thyroid and entire endocrine system out of balance.

Get to bed before 11pm! If you need directions on how to get good sleep, read here: Poor Sleep Negatively Impacts Health

Set strong boundaries and speak your truth

The thyroid is your emotional body’s master communicator.

When you learn to speak your truth with grace and ease, you can begin living in the world, and with the people around you, in a much healthier way.

It takes practice and patience to learn how to communicate more effectively. If you don’t it can negatively impact the health of your thyroid. Read more about that here: Are You Speaking Your Truth in a Healthy Way?

And, if you are still looking for the ONE thing to heal your thyroid condition, get ready cuz here it is…

Self-care: All of the various things you can do to heal your thyroid require your conscious intention to care for yourself and your body in a more profound and deeply impactful way. If you’re ready to put your own self-care at the forefront of your healing process, the rest is cake!

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