The new wave of healthcare is happening right now! Are you riding that wave?

During the recent Coronavirus crisis, more and more people were cooking healthier homemade dishes. And, the sales of organic produce jumped 22% in March 2020!

Take a look around you, the emphasis on natural healing and alternative medicine is growing.

The market analysis for Alternative and Complementary Medicine is showing continued steady growth. It is estimated that over 60% of the global population uses some form of alternative medicine for their healthcare.[2]

These alternative and natural therapies include naturopathy, botanical treatments (herbs, supplements), food therapies, acupuncture, energy workers, meditation, chakra healing, and others.

The methods of distribution for these various natural therapies include direct contact, e-training, and distance correspondence. Especially now, with social distancing, more people are meeting their health needs online.

The health and wellness audience is growing in leaps and bounds.

Are you, as a health coach or wellness practitioner, reaching these people?

From the survey responses I recently received, it doesn’t look that way.

This is what I’m hearing from health coaches and other practitioners:

  • How can do work I love and serve more people?
  • How do I acquire clients on a consistent basis?
  • How can I get more clients right now?
  • How can I get my voice heard in a large, crowded field?
  • I want to convert fans into clients, but I’m having resistance.
  • How often should I engage with social media?
  • What do I need to do to create my own online practice and keep it thriving?
  • I would like to build residual income through health coaching but I don’t know how.
  • How can I stay motivated when I’m struggling to make this work?

I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy. It’s not.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning of my career, and it’s still challenging over two decades later. But, that’s the part of this business that no-one is letting you know about.

You’ll hear all of the online marketing strategies about how you can make $10,000 (or even $100,000) in one month, or get 30 clients in 30 days. But, those bigger numbers come with many years of experience and a team.

If you have taken those online marketing programs and you have made $100,000 in one month, there is no need to read on. But, if you are struggling to get your work and your message into the world, you may be missing essential steps to your success.

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