The Curse of Candida!

When I first began my healing journey, I felt fantastic! Within four months I lost 18 nagging pounds, my nails and hair grew stronger, and my monthly cystic acne cleared up. And, by the end of two years I transformed my thyroid disease.

YAY!! I was simply glowing with good health.

Then an interesting thing happened. I began having odd reactions to the healthy food I was eating. I felt gassy and bloated ALL the time, and my mouth, cheeks, forehead and chin broke out with a weird red rash. It wasn’t as bad as the kid’s face in the picture on the left, but it was still pretty awful.

Some days, it was so bad I didn’t want to leave the house for fear that I would be seen by other people.

I also remember, my stomach would make the LOUDEST sounds as if something was alive and growing in there.

The worst part about it was… the healthier I ate, the more I experienced these annoying symptoms.

What the heck was going on inside me??

That’s when I learned about Candida overgrowth. Ugh! I was cursed with it!

I couldn’t even eat one little tiny champagne grape without having an uncomfortable flare up on the inside, and on the outside of my body.

I learned that Candida Albicans is a species of helpful yeast (a single celled fungus) that thrive in a healthy human gut assisting in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Unfortunately, for millions of Americans (including me), sometimes this normally cooperative fungus surges out of control, traveling into the small intestine, blood and organs, where it digests ALL of our nutrients for it’s own survival, leaving the host filled with toxic waste, exhausted and susceptible to many ailments (poor immunity, skin rashes, digestive disorders, brain fog, joint pain, etc.).

I tried everything to free myself from the curse of candida: specially formulated teas, essential oils, food combining, supplements, colonics, and candida cleanses and diets.

I even ate handfuls of of raw garlic cloves hoping that would help. And, it might have… if I had a vampire living inside my digestive system.

It seemed every time I went on a candida “curing” protocol things would go well for a period of time, but as soon as I stepped off the program, my body would have a horrible reaction. I was an emotional wreck – how the heck could I eat the healthiest diet ever and still be suffering like this?

Something was obviously missing from the healing puzzle, but I couldn’t figure it out. I thought I was doomed to remain on a Candida diet for the rest of my life – no bread, no grains, no fruit, no sweets, no anything, not ever, nothing, nada, zippo, zilch… arggghh!

Finally, after years of misery I found a missing piece. I read a book called, Eating Alive, by naturopathic doctor, Jonn Matsen. According to his book, candida can escape and wreak havoc in our system from eating too many foods rich in potassium (vegetables and fruits), without adequate protein (specifically animal products) and salt, causing the ileocecal valve to weaken, allowing yeast to migrate from the large intestine to the small intestine, and other parts of the body.

That’s why I felt worse the “healthier” I ate. It made perfect sense! My candida overgrowth never really healed because it wasn’t enough to simply eliminate the food candida thrived on (carbohydrates, fruit, starchy vegetables, sweets) I had to simultaneously strengthen my ileocecal valve.

Curing candida overgrowth is generally a two-fold process.

First, we need to weaken the yeast by not feeding it sugar, starches and excess carbohydrates.

Secondly, we need to strengthen the ileocecal valve by eating seasonally and locally.

Here are my top ten tips for healing candida overgrowth:

  • Eliminate sugar, including fruit and refined carbohydrates (bread, cookies, cakes), for three months to one year
  • Substitute non-gluten grains like quinoa, buckwheat and millet when you have bread/carb cravings
  • Use traditionally cultured foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and yogurt to re-colonize intestinal flora
  • Eat high quality saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, schmaltz, lard) to help strengthen the integrity of your cells
  • Eat a nutrient dense diet that includes bones stocks, animal proteins and organ meats (rich in vitamin B12)
  • Chew food thoroughly – digestion begins in the mouth NOT in the stomach.
  • Use herbs & spices that have anti-yeast & anti-inflammatory properties and because they are delicious (oregano, rosemary, thyme, savory, cumin, garlic, ginger, paprika).
  • Use Fungus Fighter by HerbPharm
  • Drink non-chlorinated water and non-flouridated water
  • Eat seasonally and Locally to help strengthen the ileocecal valve

While you’re kicking Candida’s butt with food and herbs, go out for a run for some cardiovascular activity to help dry out the damp condition you may have in your body. Candida thrives in a damp environment. If you alter the internal environment, candida cannot survive… and you can successfully kick candida to the curb!

Need more guidance? Watch an AWESOME online class featuring Candida busting recipes and herbal remedies that can help you take back control of your digestive system and start thriving again.

Start watching via your computer right now: Healing Candida 



  • You are amazing! You share the most valuable information, and I am so grateful to follow you! Thank you Andrea. Your health is a blessing to our human community! <3

  • This was one of the most easy-to-understand yet very informative articles on healing candida. Thanks!

  • Lisa m (Iin student)

    Awesome!! I am fighting a wicked recurrent oral thrush & as soon as it seems o subside, the Dang beast regroups and whips me down again —if the trick really is eating meat and I can’t stomach that—- what’s the best way to get around multiple intolerances (incl garlic & coconut) and finally be free of this roller coaster?

    • If you are a vegan or vegetarian and don’t want to eat red meat or land animals, I would incorporate eggs and fish, plus remember to salt your vegetables and eat seasonally.

      • lisa m

        Thanks. I’m egg allergic, but have started adding grilled or smoked salmon just because i’ve gotten so frustrated with this candida/as well as my 60 intolerances & 5 allergy foods. I fear my healthy diet allowed it to flourish. it started on and off 4+1/2 years ago when I quit smoking! don’t know the tie in, but really have lost control of it after going through a lot of stress after my mom passed away.

        • Wow, 60 intolerances! Hard to heal a leaky gut when you are restricted from eating so many things? My son had inolerances and RA and was not able to eat diary, gluten, eggs and brown rice. It can be a vicious circle. Added some supplements and once he did finally heal his gut he was then able to eat almost everything in moderation.

          • I’ve found that traditional bones stocks and saturated fats help to heal leaky gut and other digestive disorders. PLUS staying away from homogenized dairy.

          • Just ordered the Eating Alive book, thanks!! You are the absolute best 🙂 Adding the bone broths too…

          • Lisa M CHHC

            Yep. still fighting it. about the same time each summer it gets worse. I found that SyntolAMD by Arthur Andrew Medical helps greatly. It’s a blend of probiotic & enzymes specifically tailored to help beat the beast!

  • Earharta

    THANK YOU-FAB ARTICLE-hope it helps others as much as it helped me-
    Candida overgrowth/leaky gut makes you feel like you are trapped inside a sticky spider web and you just can’t seem to get it all “off of you”or “out of you” -the harder you try the sticker it sticks… It’s been a constant battle for many years for myself-but I’m learning a lot and I’m going to conquer this thing and finally be able to enjoy all the foods I love!! Bless you Andrea

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  • Thank you Andrea – just what I needed. Question – when you stated “eat high quality saturated fats” I was curious to know what you consider “high quality.” Do you mean grassfed, etc., or something else? I’m totally making this a part of my personal experiment “The Clean Body Project.” It makes perfect sense!

    • Yes, I mean exactly that! Fats from grass-fed, naturally raised animals (full fat yogurt, butter, lard, duck fat, chicken fat, etc.).

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  • Rhonda

    Hi Andrea, I’m in Australia & IIN’er (-: I would love to know if you will have a link on Youtube or something where we can view your Cooking Classes? Cheers Rhonda

    • Hi Rhonda – Thanks for checking in about online classes. Yes, you can view some of my cooking classes online at Learn-it-live.
      I have a heart health cooking demo and a seasonal eating cooking demo: Plus, I have a youtube page that has many of my videos:

      Have a great summer!

  • Suzanne

    Fantastic article, Andrea. I do wonder what you suggest for vegetarians who do not eats eggs or fish, either? You mentioned those for vegetarians who do not eat red meat or land animals; but I don’t eat any animal/animal products except for some cheeses occasionally. Thank you so much!

    • Andrea Beaman

      Hi Suzanne – I don’t recommend a “vegetarian” or “vegan” diet for curing candida. The body is in a state of deficiency and needs to “build” up. I would highly recommend some bone stocks to help strengthen your body.

  • Me’shell

    Great article Andrea! I am an IIN student experiencing the same vicious cycle and believe that I’ve developed leaky gut, allergies, gerd, and now respiratory problems due to candida. This article is very encouraging and gives me some hope. Do you know where I can get grass fed/finished bones in los angeles?

    @Nina curious as to what supplements you added to aid your son’s digestion.

    Thank you all for the comments and posts. I learn so much from everyones experiences.

    • Andrea Beaman

      Yes, you can get grass-fed bones at Also, check in at your local Whole Foods Market. Sometimes they have grass-fed beef bones.

  • Debbie

    This is a terrific article! I didn’t realize that I could have kefir or yogurt until I was into the diet for three weeks. I wish I could attend your class. Will you have live streaming? Or, post video footage after?

  • Lunula Moon

    I had a flare up last fall when I started getting less sun exposure… It completely disappeared after tanning in an A/B bed.

  • Marina

    This might be a silly question, but would a vaginal yeast infection be considered candida overgrowth?

    • That’s not a silly question. And yes, yeast infections can be considered candida overgrowth.

  • Meshell

    I feel silly asking this question too but I read Eating Alive and I noticed that fruit, natural sweeteners and beans are suggested in meals. Im a little confused cause I thought those foods have to be eliminated cause they turn into sugars and are not good for this’d like myself dealing w candida. Can you please help explain? Thank you for suggesting this book Andrea. It’s a gem and I have learned so much.

    • Deborah Miles

      I also was told to watch all those beans and I can only eat Granny Smith apples.

    • Hi Michelle – No, it’s not a silly question. Most folks suffering with Candida overgrowth cannot have ANY fruit or beans because of the sugars they contain. Depending on how serious the condition, the stricter the diet gets.
      I’ve found that for Candida it’s best to eat a high animal fat and animal protein diet (including bone stocks) for a while (1-3 months) to help strengthen the body and not feed the candida. Then begin eating normally again – but without excess sugar and fruits.
      It’s much more complicated than that, but that’s the simple version.

      • Thank you so much Andrea for taking the time to clarify this info for me. I am dealing with systemic candida due to yrs of medications (antibiotics, steroids, chemo) and my circumstances are complicated by a an auto-immune illness that has left me in a power wheelchair, severely disabled since 7yrs old. Can you please tell me where I can get the detailed version and some support? I’m applying what I know and have learned so far but I believe there is so much more still that I need to know to continue my long journey to better health. Thank you

  • Andrea, when you say nonchlorinated water – would filtered water that has been filtered using a Nikken filter be appropriate? Thanks for this post. I like Jean Marie Martin’s book: The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook.

  • Vicki

    I have culture-proven (sample taken from bottom of my esophagus)digestive candida yeast, which also migrated into my lungs, giving me shortness of breath. Suffered for years until it was discovered. I’ve been on an anti-yeast diet for seven years but have repeated flare-ups with rashes on my legs, interigo and bumps under the breast, rash between buttocks, confusion, dried flaky nipples (had to have an ultrasound to rule out Pagets Disease). I read NOT to eat anything fermented or cultured like sauerkraut, vinegar,soy, or cheese. I have found that coconut capsules and oil help keep the candida in check. I also drink highly diluted 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide and a tiny scoop of Lauricidin which is a Monolaurin Supplement. I will have to try your recommendations and see if they work for me. Thank you.

    • Michelle

      I can so relate to you. I believe this is what is happening to me now. I’ve heard the same thing about cultured foods and I am also dairy intolerant so keifer and yogurt are not an option.

      • Daniel K

        Pickled food is very important. You need more than just acidophiles and bibliophiles which are in yogurt. They are good but you need all kinds of bacteria and real sauerkraut not vinegar sauerkraut will help a lot as well as real fermented pickles. Bacteria that can live in salt water is good for you as yeast cannot tolerate
        salt water very much.

    • live long n happy

      There is a huge difference between healthy fermentated Food (which has healthy bacteria that KILLS CANDIDAS) and store bought fermented yeast rich foods , like cheese n. Non cultured saurkraut ! Home made fermented vegis are full of healthy ANTI-candidas Good flora.
      Another must have is colloidal silver. (The kind with OUT stablizers and have NO protiens in them) are essencial for killing bad yeast and not killing good flora in the body. Do some research ! Invaders such as free radicals, parasites and. Candidas albicans and anything else that is harmful to our body has a possitive electrical charge. Our mouth has a different charge than our body. Our mouths job is a possitive charge so to repel other possitive charges, like a pollarized magnet does. ( our body has a. Neg charge, healthy.) So to round it up, malgrims, heavy metal poisoning, sugars everything horrible has a possitive charge.. We need neg charge In body like nano or coilodal silver is a neg charge that kicks possitive charges ##s out ! Natures food is neg charged. Bentinite clay is neg charge and helps cary out free radicals. Acid body has to much possitive charges and a healthy slightly alkaline body is negative charged. The mind is powerful for healing ! And All good regemes could use a muscle man police to command all invaders to leave your body . It is with real authority you command them to leave your body for it is YOUR BODY I am NOT a dr or health practitioner, however, i am a health researcher and can only tell what i have done to heal myself of a almost life taking candidas and parasite infestation and these tools work ! Negative thinking poisons the body try possitive mind talk it will help you and your body to heal faster !!! First thing in th morning anytime you feel your mind saying “I feel bad” replace that with a command and then a blessing of I AM HEALTHY I CHOOSE to be healthy ,a perfect dna ,rna, blood, bones , Bless yourself. Blessings ps- hydrogen peroxide food grade or not is a free radical , it is a fast burning oxygenator that kills n damages good flora as well, it is not ment to ingest just like ozone therapy is absolutely a fast burner and destroys. And burns out before it. Can destry the whle problems. You need a slow burner like chlorine dioxide (mms) that does NOT kill good flora.

  • Angela

    Andrea, I see that you recommend eating yogurt and kefir. After eating Fage plain lowfat yogurt, I frequently belch soon after eating eat and sometime get an acidic taste in my mouth. Could this reaction be to Candida die off or dairy intolerence?

    • I think that might be a dairy intolerance. Or you may be eating too much dairy in one sitting.
      When I eat yogurt or kefir, I use 2-3 tbsp. not an entire container. Adjust the amount you’re eating and see what happens.

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  • Eva

    another good book ( unfortunatly out of print but one is still able to find in a library) is ” who killed candida” what an eye opener that was!

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  • ageiiner

    What about non-GMO, organic soy? We are semi-vegetarians, eating eggs, fish and small amounts of dairy, but I do love my unsweetened non-GMO soymilk and tofu. My candida problem is not out of control, but I think I am experiencing some symptoms and don’t want it to get worse. Thank you for the info!

    • @271489161288b1ac03ee78caff05757a:disqus – If it’s naturally and traditionally fermented soy (miso, shoyu, natto, tempeh, tofu) I think it’s okay. Just don’t over do it. Everything in moderation.

  • Gee

    Hello, wonderful article.
    I have tried all sorts of probiotics. The ones you need to refrigerate, Bio-kult,
    Dr. Ohhira etc and none have helped. I was always bloated and had terrible gas. Kefir also makes me bloat. After 1 year I have just given up and stopped taking any. Should I carry on or admit defeat? Any advice greatly appreciated.

    • @36b315e0548cd461015b2535cb2308e4:disqus – sometimes candida flares because of too much mercury in the system. Do you have mercury fillings in your mouth? You may want to have them safely removed.

      • Gee

        Hi, thank you so very much for the reply. I don’t have any mercury fillings.

        • @Gee – have you tried natural probiotics like sauerkraut and kimchi?

      • Liz Enlig

        I had the mercury filling removed about six months ago, since then I have been having candida symptoms. Could be that I have some mercury left in my body from the removal.

        • @disqus_ci6EiDzXVx:disqus – yes, the candida flares when the mercury is present. If you had fillings removed you may have been exposed during extraction. Your body can heal, it’ll just take some time.

  • Alex Stampbach

    Firstly, great article, thanks for posting what helped you. Do you mind elaborating on “Eat seasonally to strengthen the ileocecal valve.” Truly appreciated!


  • Sharla

    Andrea: I would love for you to elaborate on your fermented foods recommendation. I’m a CHHC, have dealt with candida personally, and have also led a detox programs, helping people to get this under control. I have studied candida for years and how to manage it. Yet, the thing I find most inconsistent is the recommended to either eat or avoid fermented foods. The book “Candida Cure” by Ann Boroch is the program/book I recommend most. And, it concurs with everything you’ve stated – except the fermented foods. She says that you should avoid fermented foods. This has been the method that I’ve used, and it has worked well for me, and lots of other people. Logically, I understand the argument on both sides, but I’m really still unclear which to believe. Do you have any research or information on this topic that supports the position that fermented foods heal candida?

    • Yvonne

      I do not know if sauerkraut is good or bad for candida but I do know that some cans of sauerkraut labels list vinegar and sugar. The one I buy at Walmart lists only salt, water and kraut (Silver Floss brand). I eat sauerkraut sometimes. Ann Boroch’s book about candida has not helped me. I became a vegetarian 20 yrs ago, recently switched to Paleo to be able to follow the candida diet.

      • @Yvonne – when you’re eating kraut, you don’t want the ones that have been fermented with sugar and vinegar. Salt brine only, and these are usually found in refrigerated section.

    • @disqus_YKltG8KKUv:disqus – great question! Not all fermented foods work for all people. In both the Body Ecology Diet and GAPS, fermented foods are recommended for healing the gut. With candida, you need to heal the gut, it’s not enough to kill the candida in the digestive tract – you need to heal it as well. I don’t recommend fermented vegetables that are not naturally fermented with traditional salt brine (I don’t recommend and vinegar pickles or krauts). And, the amounts recommended vary from person to person.

  • Nikki

    Thank you for posting this ! I’ve been suffering from this for years and now my daughter is showing the signs of it . Great info and thank you for the book reference 🙂

  • Carla

    Andrea, how can you find out if you hace cándida??

    • Yvonne

      White coating of the tongue.

  • ella

    I’m not sure if using something strong like Nystatin is more beneficial. Surely it shouldn’t take years and years to recover from systemic candida infection. I know conventional medicine has turned a blind eye to the condition. I’ve read somewhere that sunbathing is good for killing off candida yeast on the skin.

  • Alla

    Hi Andrea, great article, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve had fungus in my nails for 3 years and they won’t go away, they’re very painful. I also get blurry vision, headaches, and yeast infections. I’ve been gluten free for 5 months, but the fngus did not change. Do you have any recommendations for that? Thanks very much!

    • @Alla – yes, it sounds like you have internal fungus. Check your area for mold. Also, the nail fungus combined with blurry, vision, headaches and yeast infections, may be showing a “damp” condition in your body, as well as liver stress. You may want to go to an acupuncturist and get some treatments.

  • Gloria

    Great info! I need this because I am going through the ups and downs and “wtf’s” of systemic Candida. Ileocecal valve issues make sense!! Were you ever told to not have black pepper or spicy foods or raw foods to keep your valve functioning correctly?

    • @Gloria – I was never told to not have black pepper or spicy foods or raw foods. For me, it’s a seasonal thing. And, raw foods are great, but not necessarily the best thing for someone suffering with any type of digestive disorder.

  • soliel67

    Why must it be meat? You CAN eat a lot of protein on a vegan diet…you just get it from high protein plant foods. You can also eat “nutritionally dense” as well…as I do. Most vegans who have explored food eat more nutrient dense foods than Omni’s. Will never eat meat again as it is the cause of suffering I don’t want to be a part of.

    • soliel67

      I also don’t have any gas, digest well, on a whole foods vegan diet. There is something more to this.

      • Karen Nash

        then why are you even reading on this topic? at first glance, I thought you may just be passionate, but upon further reading, I feel you merely want to be confrontational? helpful would have been to tell others, who are looking for answers, that your strictly vegan diet, with high protein plants, etc. seems to be working for you. please, don’t waste the time of people who really need an answer for this problem, only to make your solution and yourself feel superior. thank you.

        • Darren

          Thank you, Karen, for saying this!! Man…

    • Sabrina

      The vegan diet is full of carbs and starches. The proteins (beans/legumes) are starchy and yeast feeding. I was vegan for 9 years and my candida was at it’s worst. Humans use a very simple enzyme structure as well, to digest meat protein. My chinese medicine doctor said that when examined, the shape of that enzyme used to digest meat is like a straight stick.
      The enzymes needed to break down vegetable protein looks like a tumbleweed. Therefore (depending on your ancestry and body type) many vegans are enzyme depleted as well. When i started eating meat after 9 years, i couldn’t believe i had starved myself for so long of what is unavoidably natural to my body.

      • soliel67

        Yes it has a carb background but if you are eating whole foods you are not getting carbs only. You are getting the whole food which includes fiber, protein and carbs (healthy if they are from whole natural foods). A very nice natural balance that was meant to be. Different carbs have different effects. Sugar, wheat, processed foods are detrimental because they are so processed and not balanced but the carbs from natural foods are not. Meat and dairy have zero fiber and yes no carbs but they putrefy in your digestive tract. They don’t move. When you eat plant foods the plants move faster and it’s “cleaner”. I haven’t eat meat in years but the little I have had dairy I can feel it’s putrefying effects. It feels gross. We’ll just have to disagree here. I think a whole foods plant based diet with plenty of green vegetables (especially purifying) and other vegetables along with healthy grains (rice, quinoa) and clean proteins (tofu, tempeh, beans, etc), is quite cleansing and good for the person who is working to get over their Candida. I am not the only person who thinks this. There are many opinions regarding Candida.

      • soliel67

        My ancestors were total meat eaters. I am doing it. I think everyone can be vegan they just have to do it right. Perhaps you were eating too many carbs. May I ask what were the types of dishes you made for yourself? I don’t believe meat is “natural” at all. We don’t “naturally” go up and want to take down an animal with our bare hands. We are not apex predators. It is habit and culture. It is what we are used to. Most of us just don’t know how to do it properly.

        • JRR

          actually… we didn’t evolve taking down animals with our bare hands, but we did evolve using tools to take them down. By the same logic, you shouldn’t eat any plant that requires any tools to harvest it… you should only eat plants that you can take down straight from the field with your bare hands and teeth.
          Furthermore, most human communities throughout time and across the globe have not had the luxury to choose a vegan lifestyle without serious health consequences. We are fortunate to live in a time and place where we have numerous food choices and supplements available to us all year ’round. This is rarely the case for humans. So, I completely understand your ethical stand against factory animal production, I think far less meat would probably healthy for most people. But, humans evolved eating meat. We have fossil records that prove it.

          • soliel67

            So because we can make knives that means we should use them to kill? According to your logic we should use bombs and guns just because we created them.
            I believe we were given intelligence and creativity to make tools for better living but also the wisdom to use them for proper purposes. In my view killing isn’t really in line with being a full human being. It not only harms other innocents but it degrades us spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
            Have you read about the “Sinclair Effect”? That is folks who live around factory farms and slaughterhouses always have more chaos/violence/drug abuse/alcoholism/domestic violence in their lives. Many would say that having to go to work in the killing business day and day out is horrible for a human being and this negative vibration spreads thru out the community. So it harms us as well.
            Of course there are people out there now and in the past that cannot do the vegan diet because of a lack of choice. But that doesn’t mean if you can you should eschew it as a choice. If you are so lucky to have enough food abundance around you to eat vegan and cruelty-free, feel very lucky. I do. I give thanks everyday that I have all this amazing food available to me to nourish me and enable me to live a life that doesn’t involve killing. I have a lot of fun with it, as well. We should make the best of what we have.

          • JRR

            What? No. That logic doesn’t follow and I never said everyone should eat meat. My only point is only that humans did evolve eating meat. I’m not condoning slaughter houses or mass production of meat the way we do it now. You claimed it wasn’t natural to eat meat, when in fact human beings did evolve eating it, and as you admit, some still need to out of necessity. Exactly my point. Furthermore, many human cultures have developed spiritual rituals: chants, prayer customs, etc. for the killing of animals for sustenance and they are perfectly healthy and happy. The debate over some people needing meat protiens and enzymes is best left to someone with knowledge of medical science. However, I appreciate your zealous and dogma for something you feel passionate about.

          • soliel67

            So what is your point about some people need to eat meat? Is that your excuse for not adopting a diet that doesn’t kill? We do with what we can. If we have the opportunity to eat a diet that is less harmful we should.
            As much as I normally respect religion and I am pretty metaphysical myself, I have little respect for these “rituals”. They make zero difference for the animals killed. They don’t take away their fear or make it OK. It just makes the humans feel better. I have a new age aunt who “blessed” the cow she just ate (to make herself feel better). I am sorry, I call BS. It doesn’t make it better and it’s all for her. I’ve also read about ghastly rituals all over the world that involve brutalizing animals, sacrificial killings and the like. Again, human ego. Does nothing to help to suffering of the animals themselves. You totally are ignoring the animals well being, it’s not just about human happiness and health. PS I haven’t had meat in close to 3 decades, am below the weight of the vast majority of middle aged women (115 lbs 5’6″) have excellent blood results, exercise everyday. And yes, science is proving that not only is it healthier it’s better. See “The China Study”.

          • bwh

            Soliel67, have you ever seen what happens to deer in an area that has become to populated with them?

          • Carl Green

            How about this even though you will get tired of it eat boiled eggs, high in protein and b12, and they have never lived so it fits into the “do not kill” regime that most vegans adhere too.Minus the excess cholesterol they are the perfect food but if they are the only source of cholesterol i don’t think it will be excess.

          • soliel67

            I won’t because a) they aren’t the perfect food and b) egg laying hens are up there with the cruelest aspects of factory farms. Not only are they eventually killed like all other “farm” animals but their lives up until then are misery.

          • @disqus_jbwNM9aNCB:disqus – good advice.

  • sara

    where can you get the “non-chlorineated and non-flouridated water”? I live in a city and our water has so much chlorine in it that you can smell it when you run the water in your sink to do the dishes.

    • @sara – I use a Berkey water filter to take the fluoride and chlorine out:

      • Den

        Ingesting chlorine, I understand why you wouldn’t want to, however, you should not be advising people to drink non-fluoridated water – it’s there for a reason and even naturally found in certain water supplies. It must cost you a fortune to remove it from your water! (Hope you don’t get cavities, it could cost another fortune to fill them…)
        Despite that very bad piece of advice, very interesting article, especially how candida can relocate to different parts of the body.
        PS: The small amount of fluoride we ingest actually has a POSITIVE effect on killing candida.

        • @Den – you are correct. Naturally occurring fluoride is good for us. Unfortunately, the fluoride in the our water supply is not naturally occurring.

  • Lindsay in Louisville

    After years of many diagnoses, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic hives, odd allergic reactions, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, Depression, Chronic yeast Infections, Hashimoto’s, Cystic Acne, Lichens Sclerosis, Kidney Stones , Tension Headaches, Eczema, and now Psoriasis, I have landed here in the world of Candida. I believe I have found my answer. By joining Hashimoto’s support groups, I learned that I needed to remove Gluten. I have been Gluten free for a year now. My Fibromyalgia muscular pain has vanished, but comes back within 24 hours of eating Gluten. Looking back, I realize when I followed the fad years ago and went on the no carb diet, that is when my Fibromyalgia and Kidney Stones went ramped. I lost weight and looked great, but I felt like I was dying. Carbs, processed foods, caffeine, and sugar were my staples as a child. I never ate fruits or vegetables and this diet continued into my adulthood. Could the drastic elimination of sugar when I began the no carb diet have begun the Candida die off process? Cutting out my Mt Dew and replacing it with Diet drinks accomplished one thing, I had practically no liquid intake because I longed for the sweetness. Looking back, had I replaced my drinks with 64 ounces of water, I believe it would have not been such a drastic impact on my body. Please tell me if I am way off in my thinking. I am still trying to figure this out. I would like to make the necessary steps in choosing to control Candida, but I do not want to make the mistake of making things worse because I do not know what I am doing. If you could please help guide me to the next step I would appreciate it greatly. I am single mom, recently closed my business of 13 years, and desperately in need of healing to be the mother my boy’s need me to be. I am currently taking Probiotics, Fish Oil, 5000mg Biotin, 2000mg B-12, 5000mg D3, 500mg Magnesium 1000mg C. My scalp psoriasis cystic acne is getting worse, as well as my brain fog, irritability, and fatigue. I take 20mg of Adderall three times a day which I realize is not ideal. Without it, I would never be able to function. I would sleep the entire day. I am desperate for help and advice. I hope someone is able to reach out. Thank you.

  • Erla

    try fasting is a good way to clean your body… and it help a lot with the bloating and bowel moviments

  • JE McManus

    Lorraine – I am also looking forward to Andrea’s response, as I suffer from the same trio. Thanks for adding in the tip on sovereign silver! Very interesting product!

    • @jemcmanus:disqus As I said to Lorraine, to heal hypothyroid you have to heal your gut first. And, to heal candida, you have to heal your gut as well. It’s not two or three separate diets. You can find that information here:

  • @Lorraine Diaz – to heal hypothyroid you have to heal your gut first. And, to heal your candida, you have to heal your gut as well. You can find that information here:

  • faith

    I did tons of research and it seems like vitamin C IV are helpful, one eighth of a teaspoon borax. in a liter of water daily, couple drops oregano oil in drinking water daily, get on an anti candida diet. Taking Cell food destroyes candida fast and naturally. I had a rash saw 3 MD they all said eczema saw an ND he held up a certain. type of black light and the skin rash was white it meant that the rash it was fungal so what you have outside of the body , you have on the inside. Makes sense. When ever I ate sugar I felt drugged so I knew I was allergic to sugar but soon learned i had candida Anyhow, since we were organic vegetarian the anti candida diet was simple to get on I also took Capric pills before taking the antifungal this . helped. I was also taking weekly colonic

    Helps to work with good nautropathic who know how to treat it

  • Aliya

    I first found out I had candida over a year ago due to an acne like itchy rash all over my face. My holistic doctor told me it was candida and gave me some holistic medicine drops and a diet guild line. Of course I didn’t get it right the first time and went through a lot of trial and error to educate myself on the condition and health over all. You read so many forums and blogs with different guide lines saying this food isn’t okay and this food is etc.. beans being one example and rice being the other. Anyways, my point of writing this is because I drove my self absolutely crazy researching and seeing multiple answers on the internet. I would get the acne on my face every couple of months or so and yes sometimes I did cheat but when I say cheat I mean a piece of fruit or too much rice one night, so i knew on some months when I would have a flare up why it happened. But there would be some months when I was on the diet for 6 months that I would wake up and there are those nasty little pimples again. It would happen from time to time along with headaches and fatigue and it would leave me feeling utterly confused and hopeless. I have come to terms that this is going to be a long process with a lot of dedication, trial and error and I am well aware of that. The whole time I was missing something though and that was getting in touch with my spirituality. That to me is one of the most important aspects, it keeps you grounded and and your heart full of hope and those two things you definitely need trying to fight a yeast infection. It helps you to open your intuition and awareness to listen to your body (which will give you all of the answers you need when it is ready to reveal to you). I share this long probably boring story with you because I suggest not driving yourself crazy doing research reading different conflicting messages on the internet, but i do suggest research and writing down everything that clicks with you, you’ll know what I mean by click it’s something you feel deep down in your heart. Write all those things down and accept the trial and error portion of this diet. It takes time so give your self a break if you can’t accept the failure aspect. I also advise you to start the diet with the absolute can do’s and meditate to help with the symptoms and relive the tension you’ll feel from withdrawing from all the junk. Stay in touch with yourself and repeat that you deserve this journey to health everyday. If you are interested in my variation of the candida diet feel free to ask I also have learned to cook pretty well through this experience and my family loves it so if you are interested in some recipes I would also love to share!

    • Heather

      Aliya..I am really interested in what else you have to say about your experience! I’ve been dealing with this for a year and definitely believe in healthy mind, healthy body. Could you share with me more about your diet please?

    • Michelle

      Aliya, I too have been battling candida now since Febuary. Am in the strict diet, supplements. But I know I am missing something too, as I’ll have major die offs and it’ll seem like I’m almost there and then I’ll have a flare up. I’ve been on the strict diet now for about 4 months. Have been meditating for a couple months now, I’m very interested in hearing more about your journey and recipes

    • Dan

      Yes, what is your diet? I agree with the whole research issue myself…

  • Lisa

    I don’t normally comment on articles, but I have an experience I’d like to share that will hopefully help others in a similar position as myself. I’ve had yeast infections problem over 2 years. I tried everything, of course I went to the DR. about a hundred times, probably not that many, but it sure seems like it. It never did any good for long and caused all kinds of other issues having to do with taking too many antibiotics. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this natural remedy , that my life changed completely. I’m feeling so much better now, my quality of life returned and every one of the symptoms had gone.

  • Cathy McMahan

    If you ate garlic and it didn’t help then it was radiated.

  • Cathy McMahan

    I love the article because I have this as well, and thyroid problems, so thanks

  • Hi, I am new to this site, but wanted to express how true your statements were about how candida affects our hormones and body functions. Other than synthetic antimicrobial drugs from doctors’ prescription, the only other product I know of that can produce die off (Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction; see wikipedia), is Lufenuron besides Candida Cleanse at This (also synthetic) product is sold off label and is known toxic to liver (see NIH report) whereas Candida Cleanse is made from kelp and shell fish. Both ingredients are listed in Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of United States (HPUS) which is required on FDA homeopathic listing and labels. An NDC number is displayed on the bottle.

    I have cleansed for 7 months with this product and have eliminated not only candida, but genital herpes, psoriasis, shingles (die off was very ugly with black colored lesions appearing on my shoulder), Malaria, IBS, Black toe nail fungus, worms, etc.

    All insects, worms, bacteria, fungi, virus, protozoa, and amoeba possess an exoskeleton made of chitin (pronounced kite-tin). The product (and Lufenuron) melts chitin meaning no resistance build up is possible. I highly suggest anyone suffering from candida or other health symptoms to cleanse with only natural materials so you do not damage your kidneys or liver. Namaste.

  • Nelo212

    Nobody here has talked about gmo food
    It ruins the intestinal tract and causes fungus
    and bad bacteria overgrowth. Organic and a non-gmo diet are the key
    To beating this along w no added sugar diet

  • Nathalie Sader

    Omg Andrea! I m going exactly through the same thing! The healthier I eat the more my yeast. I m only suffering from vaginal discharge and it really started after I was taking a course with Mathew kenney and eating really highly raw foods! It s been almost 3 months! I tried all herbs, essential oils, stopped fruits and natural sweetener, it gets better but then comes back! And I noticed when I eat fish it gets better because I do eat fish occasionally! I also have moved to maryland last year after living in Southern California for 3 years! So u think the damp environment is not helping. I m still breadtfeeding my 15 months baby and haven’t had my period back yet.
    Even though my yeast issue is mild but it s really annoying because in my head I eat the healthiest food possible!
    I also noticed that fermented foods worsen the situation don’t know why! And just today I chewed a raw garlic! Ighhhh! Felt nauseous for 10 seconds! I was taking Gut Pro but then stopped because I though that maybe they ll be feeding on it!
    I have to really cut off natural sugar for a long period wich is not easy but I think it the only way along with eating more fish maybe.

    • @Nathalie Sader – yes, to heal your Candida, please consider eating some animal protein and fat. And, especially during breastfeeding! There’s a great book called Real Food For Mother and Baby:

  • kara

    I cured my arthritis with the help of a holistic doctor who put me on an alkaline, low glycemic, dairy free plan. I had Candida overgrowth and will be on the plan for life but I feel great

  • Aubrey M

    Wow, same situation. The healthier I became, no dairy, no meat, mostly eating dark greens such as kale, spinach, and chard, but the more fruit [bananas] I ate my body was going south. I was almost completely raw vegan and my body was fighting me like the dickens! I am still going through the candida journey now. I have been doing everything possible to refrain from going back to eating meat (wild caught fish at the most). It is the worst feeling to have what you believe is the best diet you’ve ever had in this lifetime (2 raw meals, 1+ gal of fluoride free water daily, non-GMO, organic, vegetarian) and your body goes bonkers. I literally cried when I realized I had candida, I was so emotional! How the heck could this happen to me now was all I could think…

    I read some confrontational comments and we have to respect the fact that each of us have different bodies some may be able to adapt to a raw lifestyle better than others, and we should be understanding and compassionate towards one another. What works for person A may not work for person D and that is perfectly OK. I know there are some radical vegans and vegetarians out there, yet although I am still a vegetarian the Mediterranean diet (veggies, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, and fish) has been strongly linked to be the most beneficial to people (studied that in college). We have to be compassionate to the journeys of others is all. Thank you for sharing your story. ~Peace, Love, & Light

  • Sheryl Sheridan

    Such a wonderful article 🙂 my only comment is before taking any supplement for candida, you should make sure your colon is clean. This is why people get die offs (incuding me in the past). Candida = congested colon. Here is a good article that explains it much better then me.

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  • Jim Gargano

    All of this is complete bullshit. Humans are not natural flesh eaters. Put down your weapons and knives and let me see you kill a cow or a pig with your bare hands and then tear into its flesh with your teeth and rip off chunks to eat. Cooking isn’t natural either. Humans are the only animal that puts fire to its food. Only a natural diet can keep things in balance for any animal including humans and our natural diet has always been greens and fruit. The things that grow on trees.

    • @jim_gargano:disqus – it may be BS to you, but not to everyone. Bio-individuality is the key to healing.

  • Jim Gargano

    What do you mean not everyone lmao? All humans have the same digestive system. Thats right, the same exact system. Bio-individuality is pseudo science. Humans have 20 characteristics of the digestive system from the mouth to the anus that are exactly the same as all the animals on the planet that eat ONLY plants. All the animals that eat flesh are completely different in those 20 characteristics. That is irrefutable proof we were designed as plant eaters. The fact that you cant eat cows and pigs without weapons and utensils and fire is another piece of evidence. The point is anything outside of whats natural will never give you perfect health.

  • matt c

    Candida diets and at home remedies are limited in their removal before it comes back. You can’t be cured until every trace of the candida is removed from your body. Even when the “die off” symptoms happen you still have traces of it in your system. When the candida die off occurs this is when the remaining candida makes you crave more carbs and sweets. Most cures do little in treating and when you stop the candida comes back immediately. One positive resource I’ve come across to help people with these candida overgrowth problems was the information from and has helped people become free of their long term candida overgrowth problems.

  • Graham Ansell

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