The Culinary Vegetable Institute

  • wow the video was amazing chef andrea it reminded me of just how wonderful and inspiring it was to have you here ,you showed us all how it could be fun and the food so absolutely delicious and healthy n balanced you are an inspirationto healthy eating i would recommend andreas programs books food products n coaching srervices with out hesitation andrea is truly inspirational and her food will help you with a healthier lifestyle cheers to you farmer lee jones

    • Andrea Beaman

      Thanks Farmer Lee! It was great working with your produce. Totally delish and grown with love! Wishing you and the CVI and Chef’s Garden gang a happy, healthy and delicious holiday season.

  • Julie Meekins

    Awesome! That is the word that comes to mind when I think about the enthusiasm of Chef Andrea and the commitment of Farmer Lee Jones to bring true nourishment to America. Working with children and their families has opened my eyes to the effects poor nourishment can have on this next generation. The parents I work with are passionate about their children reaching their fullest potential. They just don’t know how to go about making that happen. It is people like Andrea and Farmer Lee that inspire people like my husband, Tom, and me to educate those with whom we have the privilege to work. Thank you for sharing the video!!!