The body talks - are you listening?

Our physical body is brilliantly designed and talks to us.

Unfortunately, many people, including trained physicians do NOT know how to decipher what the body is saying to us.

Here are a couple of examples to ponder:

In the 1970’s when I was growing up, tonsillectomies were all the rage.

Kids mostly, who suffered with sore throat and/or swollen irritated tonsils, would often get a medical diagnosis of tonsillitis.

The doctors unfortunately, at that time in medical history, were taught that removal of the tonsils was a great option for inflamed, irritated, and swollen tonsils.

Today, we know that removal of the tonsils is NOT the best option. Tonsillectomy surgeries have significantly reduced since the time when I was a kid.

Millions of people every year had their tonsils erroneously removed for NO other reason except that it was trending in modern medicine.[1]

The tonsils are a vital part of the lymphatic system and our immunity. They filter bacteria and viruses and produce white blood cells and antibodies. Because of their location at the throat and palate, they can stop invaders from entering the body through the mouth or the nose.[2]

When the tonsils grow inflamed it means that they, and our immune system, are talking!

They are telling us a story about what is happening to the human body, and at an even deeper level, they relay a message of what is happening to the planet that sustains us.

As first responders for the immune system, tonsils let us know the body is being invaded by something foreign, dangerous, and threatening. Becoming activated and inflamed is a normal healthy immune reaction.

Allopathic medicine popularized killing the messenger (tonsillectomy), and this illogical treatment is still happening today, only it’s not just with the tonsils.

Pick any organ or gland, and you’ll find that there is some type of surgery to cut it out, or a medication to shut the symptoms up so we don’t hear what it is saying to us.

Interestingly, I clearly remember a television commercial in the 1970’s for E.F. Hutton. Two men sitting at a restaurant were talking about what their financial brokers had to say. The entire restaurant quieted so they too, could listen in on how to make the best financial decisions.

The marketing tagline was, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”

It was straight to the point. If you wanted financial success, you listen.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had the same reverence for our body as we do for our finances?

When the body talks, we need to listen.

What was the body saying to us in the 1900’s that had the immune system in such an uproar?

One thing to consider is that our immune system was shouting about the toxic chemicals being sprayed into the environment and onto the soil we grow food in.

Insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides all negatively impact the biodiversity of the soil. And, that negatively impacts the biodiversity and health our gut/immune system.

A 2021 article in Environmental Science journal elaborates what is happening to the soil.

“Soils are among the planet’s most complex and biodiverse ecosystems, containing nearly a quarter of all species. A handful of soil contains about 10 to 100 million organisms. Soil invertebrates provide essential ecosystem benefits like cycling nutrients that plants need to grow, decomposing dead plants and animals so they can nourish new life, and regulating pests and diseases. Pesticides of all types pose a clear hazard to soil invertebrates. Negative effects are evident in both lab and field studies, across all studied pesticide classes, and in a wide variety of soil organisms and endpoints.[3]

Ancient healers knew that human beings were directly connected to the elements of the earth, including the soil. Unfortunately, modern humans have forgotten that wisdom, or were never taught it.

When we lose diversity in the soil, we lose diversity in our gut, and that weakens immunity.

The government agencies and EPA are not in denial about the negative effects of pesticides and insecticides on the immune system, nervous system and endocrine system.[4] There are many studies showing the connection between autoimmunity and immunosuppression due to toxic chemicals we are spreading onto our soils and into our environment.[5]

The tonsils tried to warn us. But, we chose to rip them out and shut them up instead.

More recently, thyroidectomies are on the rise.

Once again the body is speaking to us and letting us know that something dangerous is happening to both our internal system (body), and our external system – the planet we live on.

The thyroid is an integral part of the endocrine system. According to ancient medicine, it is our master communicator. It is speaking VERY loudly to let us know that something is causing disruption to our human body.

And, that something is what all the plastic particles are doing to our internal and external environments.

Numerous studies have found nanoplastics and microplastics in the human gut:

“Micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) are recognized as emerging contaminants, especially in food, with unknown health significance. MNPs passing through the gastrointestinal tract have been brought in context with disruption of the gut microbiome. Several molecular mechanisms have been described to facilitate tissue uptake of MNPs, which then are involved in local inflammatory and immune responses.”[1] 

Plastic particles found in the gut disrupt functioning of the microbiome, and new studies are showing the micro-nanoplastics negatively impact the reproductive system and hormones as well.

“There observed significant inverse associations between exposure to PS NPs (polystyrene nanoplastics) and serum concentrations of testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Tissue and cell impairments were noticed even at the lowest tested dosage, though the severity of lesions followed a clear dose-response pattern. DNA damage as well as alterations in sperm morphology and viability were evident, again proportionally with the amount of exposure dosage. RT-qPCR data were in accordance with the results of physio-histological alterations and fluorescence imaging, as significant down-regulation of PLZF, DAZL, FSH and LH gene expressions were noticed in the testis of exposed animals, suggesting that exposure interferes with spermatogenesis and also with HPT-axis.”[6]

Scientists are currently testing on rats in the smallest possible doses and finding disruption in hormones and fertility.

The body is talking to us again, this time through the thyroid.

It is warning us that the human species is in BIG trouble.

Just as the tonsils warned us something was negatively impacting our immune system, our thyroid is letting us know our endocrine system and reproductive capacity is being compromised.

Are we listening to the thyroid gland to hear what it has to say?

Or are we killing the messenger once again?

Thyroidectomies have been on the rise for the past decade. According to the National Institute of Health, we need to train more surgeons for thyroid and parathyroid removal.

“As the field of endocrine surgery continues to expand, the training of future endocrine surgeons needs to adapt. In order to provide the most up-to-date and safest treatment options for patients and to remain competitive with the increasing number of otolaryngologists performing thyroid and parathyroid procedures, general surgery residents wishing to practice thyroid and parathyroid surgery benefit from additional training in their chief year or dedicated fellowship training.”[7]

Our organs and glands are talking to us.

And, we are NOT listening.

Instead, we are destroying the body piece by piece, shutting it up and stopping it from speaking out.

The uptick in surgeries keeps our perfectly designed human body (and human being) quiet, so industries can continue making profits destroying the elements of the earth that sustain us, and essentially destroying us along with it.

One day, there may be nothing left for the body to say.

It looks like we have the option of sharing either of these two stories in the future …

There was a species called human. They were beautiful and perfectly designed. They lived on a lush, vibrant planet called Earth that was filled with life. But, greed and financial gain overtook their senses. They could not hear what the body was saying, or what the earth was saying to them through the symptoms the body presented. They polluted and destroyed the fertile soils that sustained them, and they slowly died out as they could no longer reproduce naturally.

OR we could share this story…

I belong to a species called human. We are beautiful and perfectly designed. We live on a lush, vibrant planet called Earth that is bustling with life. We are the gardeners and protectors of the Earth and its vital systems (soil, waterways, air). We understand that we are deeply connected to this planet that sustains our existence and supports our capacity to continue producing future generations. Life is abundant.

Which story do you think we will be telling?