The benefits of bone stocks, seaweed and organ meats for Thyroid Health

Watch Bridgit Danner with Andrea Beaman discuss the benefits of Organ Meats, Bone Stocks and Seaweed, especially for thyroid health. Below are some major points of this discussion:

  • 2:55 Utilizing the whole animal in different parts
  • 5:16 Organ meats are highly nutritious
  • 6:49 Good supplements for vegetarians
  • 8:26 Health benefits of organ meats
  • 11:40 Why chewing food is so important
  • 16:21 How to use astragalus root in bone stock
  • 17:14 Creamy Chicken Liver Mousse
  • 20:00 Sources of good quality food are essential for health
  • 23:55 General foods that are great for thyroid support
  • 27:05 Processed foods are high in added iodine – not good for us

Here is the recipe for Creamy Chicken Liver Mousse by Andrea Beaman:

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