Take Human Bites!

Most folks have forgotten (or were never taught) that they need to chew food and masticate it with their own saliva to properly digest it.

If we do NOT chew our food we risk compromised digestion, acid reflux, gerd, IBS, bloating, gas, weight gain, and diabetes.

A client suffering with hypothyroid told me she gained over forty pounds in one year. That’s quite a heavy load!

I asked her how many times she chewed her food before swallowing it.

She said, “Chewing? What are you talking about??!! I’m 54 years old. I am not a little baby. I know how to chew my food.”

I said, “Okay, just humor me.  For the next two weeks, I want you to focus on chewing your food. Let me know how many times you chew something before swallowing it. And, let’s see if you can get to twenty-five chews per mouthful.”

The next time we spoke she said she couldn’t believe it! She noticed that she chewed only three or four times, max, before swallowing.

That means whole pieces of un-chewed food were sliding down her throat and burdening her digestive system, adding to her weight problem.

Humans are not designed like lions and tigers or sharks. We cannot just bite and swallow our food whole.

But, that is what many people are doing.

To heal any digestive troubles we absolutely NEED to CHEW our food.

When we chew, the parotid gland releases enzymes into the mouth that combine with saliva and helps us start the process of digestion.

Clients are always amazed at what happens when they actually begin using their teeth to chew.

I had another client that had been suffering from acid reflux for over ten years – she had hyperthyroid. Many auto-immune thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s (that leads to hypothyroid) and graves (that can lead to hyperthyroid) originate from underlying digestive dysfunctions.

To support and heal auto-immune conditions, digestive problems need to be addressed.

When my hyperthyroid client slowed down, relaxed while eating, and began chewing her food, her ten-year acid reflux problem disappeared within three days.

It’s not magic.

It’s simply the way we are designed.

Chewing food ensures you’ll naturally eat less, feel more satisfied, digest better, lose weight (if needed) and heal the body.

Chewing is the miraculous cure that no one is talking about.

You don’t have to purchase any expensive supplements or digestive enzymes. Simply chew your food to activate the digestive enzymes that you are born with.

Chewing is FREE! So, put your chompers to work.

I’m curious… how many times did you chew your food today before swallowing?