Take Back Your Health™: Our Global Microbiome

Date: January 23rd & 24th, 2021 – Register Here!
Place: Online
Cost: $79 All Access Ticket/$129 VIP ticket before 1/15/21
$99 all Access Ticket or $149 VIP ticket on 1/15/21 and after

Inspired by global events, I’ll join doctors, immunologists, environmental experts, regenerative farmers, and nutritional therapists for a virtual event to help us understand our relationship with the complex community of viruses, bacteria and fungi around us. We will share how we can not only survive, but thrive joyfully through our interconnection with this world of microbes.

I’ll share with you my particular experience with the Coronavirus: How I Used Food and Herbs to Heal from Covid-19.

Join us for a life-changing event that will help you understand how we move forward in a culture forever changed by the global microbiome of 2020.

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