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The Real Reason You Should Cut Sugar


As a little girl, I used to drink rice milk and eat brownies in place of meals whenever I could talk my parents into it. Yes, I was very persuasive, and they trusted my instincts a lot – bless them.

You might be thinking, well […]

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The Other Side of Infamy

There are many sides to every story. Here is another side of infamy.

How the HECK Do You Do It?

When people discover that I live in New York City, they are always surprised. They ask, “How is it possible that you can stay healthy while living in such a big, congested city?

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Maintaining a healthy attitude and lifestyle while working 9 to 5

By Jamie Hersch, HHC • Guest Blogger

Working in New York City is no joke. People are up at the crack of dawn, commuting on their local public transportation, and coming home at all hours of the evening. […]

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