Supporting Bone Health Webinar

Our bones are designed to carry us upright throughout our lifetime. They are the physical support for our body, and we would be an unformed blob of mush without them. The health and strength of our bones is imperative for a good life. Many folks are taking calcium and vitamin D supplementation for their bones, but this can contribute to higher rates of breast cancer, hardening of the arteries, heart attack and stroke! Learn what you need to know about healing your bones, so that they can support you throughout your entire life.

What you will hear

  • 0.07 – Andrea welcomes everyone
  • 0.25 – Bone diseases presents most often during colder months
  • 3:50 – Overview – bone disease, food & lifestyle choices that boost bone strength
  • 7:48 – Descriptions of various bone diseases
  • 13:10 – How and why the bones lose density
  • 14:24 –Why doctors start prescribing bisphosphonate drugs
  • 18:21 – Different things that will break down your bones
  • 22:45 – How the health of your kidneys affects the bones
  • 25:36 – Bone Building Nutrients
  • 31:30 – Foods and herbs that nourish the kidneys
  • 35:35 – Why veganism is not beneficial for strengthening bones  (Joyote)
  • 39:07 – Lifestyle Support for the Bones
  • 43:39 – Take your health coaching practice to the next level with New Healers Master Coaching Program.
  • 46:33 – How to connect with Andrea
  • 48:12 – Bone stocks are better for you than collagen powder (Teresa)
  • 49:00 – Fosamax can really damage the body (Joyote)
  • 49:43 – Calcium supplements contributes to calcium deposits in the soft tissue and organs
  • 49:43 – Jaw deteriorated after taking Fosamax (Jill)
  • 51:10 – Take Vitamin D in the winter months  (Bernadette)
  • 51: 33 –Seasonal depression disorder during colder months – Eat more fats and proteins since you cannot go in the sun. (Teresa)
  • 53:40 – Cooking Bone Health Class on Learn it Live
  • 54:33 – Learn more about supporting and healing the body in New Healers Master Coaching Program

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