Are you struggling to create your health coaching business? Follow these 5 steps to success...

I love inspiring people to take action. Helping people move forward to achieve their goals brings me great joy. Whether it’s taking action on their health and wellness, or taking action on creating the health coaching career of their dreams, we devise a plan that navigates the steps to their ultimate success.

But, in order to do that, you need to be able to clearly see what those steps are otherwise you’ll be wandering around aimlessly.

Which is often the case when other health coaches approach me for mentorship to help them create their business.

Below are the steps I took to create my successful and sustainable health and wellness business, and it’s what I share with my Master Coaching in Action students. If you struggling to create your health coaching business, sit your butt down and take notes!


  1. Move beyond your fears
  2. Take consistent action
  3. Create your long-term goals and set boundaries around that work
  4. Diversify your income to set your business up for success and sustainability
  5. Continue learning new things to generate new content

The first step, moving beyond your fears, is imperative for any entrepreneur in any business. The truth is, you are going to succeed and you are going fail. From your failures you will learn invaluable information. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to fail. There’s a great quote by hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” By remaining in a state of fear you will be paralyzed and won’t take any shots. You’ll miss out on amazing learning and growth opportunities.

So, how do you move beyond those pesky little fears? Take consistent action. Regardless of the outcome (failure or success), you need to take consistent action over and over again to build your business. Taking action requires adrenaline. Fear also requires adrenaline. You can use that adrenaline to cower in the corner, shaking like a leaf, or you can use it to propel yourself forward into your career.

Creating your big vision and long-term goals is the road map to a successful and sustainable business model. Do you want to create a business that is flash in the pan – here one day and gone the next? Or, do you want to create a business that sustains you and your growth in the health and wellness industry? Write down your goals and take daily steps to manifest them. This requires commitment and setting strong boundaries around your work.

Diversify your income streams to set up your business for growth. You can certainly set up your business as a revolving door of one-on-one health coaching clients, but it may not satisfy you, nor support your growth and expansion. With products (books, dvds, group programs, podcasts, wellness products), you can have multiple streams of income that will expand your reach into the wellness world.

You’ve got to continue learning new things to spark your creativity and keep feeding your entrepreneurial spirit. A wise life coach advised me to invest 5% of my yearly income on continuing education. And, I’ve been doing that for the past two decades. It works! I constantly take new classes, learn things that excite me, and then share that content with my audience. This has helped me become an expert in my field and continue supplying my audience with fresh content.

Do you have these steps in place to create your successful and sustainable health coaching business?

Hop on my LIVE webinar and bring your motivation to get moving! I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Wednesday 9/27 at 7pm EST: LIVE WEBINAR

You will learn to:

• Move beyond your fears and start taking action
• Increase your presence and share your voice with the world
• Create unique products to support your BIG vision
• Effortlessly attract more clients
• Develop a sustainable business model for a lifetime of success

Mark your calendar and get ready to take action!