Are you struggling to create a lucrative and successful health coaching business?

Every day I receive emails from frustrated health coaches and wellness professionals who are struggling to make their business work. They are passionate about wanting to help people, but something gets in the way of their success.

Many coaches confide in me that they lack confidence in their ability to help others improve their health. They often cite not having enough knowledge to support people that come to them with health challenges.

For other people, they feel it’s not enough to simply get a certificate and start working. They crave much more in-depth information about the body and how it works on a deeper level.

Both of those reasons are valid.

I believe, one of the keys to creating a successful health-coaching or wellness practice is to enhance your observational skills for prevention of disease and natural healing. It’s one of the first skills I cover in my New Healers Master Coaching Program.

One of the main contributors to my own success as a health coach and educator was directly related to my thirst for understanding the body from an ancient healing perspective.

And, what I’ve noticed over the past few decades is that the “old ways” of understanding how to heal the body are coming back at exactly the right time.

Our current healthcare system diagnoses sickness after it has already manifested, and then suppresses bodily symptoms with medication and/or surgery. This model benefits the growth of the trillion dollar medical industry, rather than the people it is supposed to be helping.

The current system is malfunctioning on many levels.

Modern medical science doesn’t seek to get to the root cause of the imbalance, and will keep someone stuck in a loop suffering with sickness after sickness after sickness.

For a truly holistic health model we need to start asking “why.”

  • Why is someone getting sick?
  • Which bodily systems are out of balance and/or not getting the nourishment they need?
  • Is this person’s body in a state of deficiency or excess?
  • What foods, lifestyle activities and herbs, can we use to help people shift someone back into a better state of health?

Beyond blood tests, x-rays and MRI’s, there is an entirely different set of systems and symptoms that modern medicine has yet to tap into. And, that’s where the essential healing knowledge lies. The body speaks to us in many ways to let us know that something is amiss.

Bodily symptoms should NOT be suppressed with drugs and surgeries; they should be listened to and then supported with the right energy, food and herbs, they need to start thriving again.

Working professionally with clients and students for the past two decades, I have found the ancient teachings indispensable to understanding how best to support people in their healing process.

From headaches and stomachaches to pain and weakness, their body is talking. By listening to the symptoms, we can hone in on what their body is loudly saying it needs.

Once the imbalance is assessed, basic food choices, nourishing herbs, and lifestyle activities are applied to support their healing process.

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You’ll begin looking at the human body in a whole new and exciting way.