She was angry as heck!

Every once in a while, I’ll visit the local organic bakery in my neighborhood to pick up some fun treats.

This past weekend I got way more than I expected from the young woman behind the counter.

She asked, “What can I get you today?”

I replied, “Good morning! I’ll have two plain croissants, a chocolate croissant, and a decaf almond milk latte.”

She entered my order into the computer, turned to the espresso machine to make my latte, and then quickly whipped back around, pointed her finger at me and yelled, “I’m not getting that damn booster! I already got three shots and it didn’t work for me, or for anyone else. And, if they think I’m going to get another booster, they can forget it. That is NOT going to happen. They lied to me!”

I said, “Oh gosh… I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It totally sucks.”

She continued her tirade, “And, what they are doing now with the food prices and the gas prices… this whole thing was about money from the beginning. I see it now. They can’t fool me anymore. I am NOT falling for it again. No way!”

I don’t know what prompted her to unleash her fury at that exact moment.

  • Maybe her boss informed her that she needed to get another booster to keep her job.
  • Maybe she felt safe expressing herself to me because she has NEVER seen me wearing a mask inside the bakery over the past two and a half years, even when they were mandatory in NYC.
  • Maybe she saw what happened to the tennis player, Novak Djokovic, who wasn’t allowed to play at the U.S. Open because he was unvaccinated even though ALL the mandates had been lifted.
  • Maybe she saw how so many of the teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses and other city workers got fired for not getting the shot, and then were NOT re-hired after everyone learned that the shot didn’t stop anyone from getting or transmitting the virus.
  • Maybe it was the Freedom from Fear tank top top I was wearing that prompted her to be fearless and speak up (pictured below).

It could have been anything.

Whatever it was, I simply held eye contact with her, listened to her story, and allowed her to fully express herself and her anger.

I knew she wasn’t angry with me, she was simply expressing an injustice that she felt inside her body, mind and spirit. It made its way to the surface, and then and up and out of her system so she could start the process of feeling and healing.

She did the right thing – even if her co-workers were trying to shush her up.

Unexpressed and/or internalized anger ALWAYS leads to dysfunction and disease.

She also did another very smart thing… she set a boundary.

She said, “I’m not getting that damn booster.”

Setting a boundary to protect herself from another round of injustice, I believe, is a wise choice.

It may come with consequences, of course:

  • She may lose her job
  • Friends and family may distance themselves
  • She may be vocally shamed by people on social media

But, on the bright side, it could lead to:

I’ve heard similar stories from other folks who originally lined up with full trust in the authorities, and without any hesitation, and are now questioning things. They are feeling confused, frustrated and angry.

They could certainly use their anger to burn down the bakery (or the establishment), but I wouldn’t suggest that course of action. There are better ways to use our energy.

We need to continue question the motives of people in power and the medical authorities who are supposedly leading the way.

Where are they leading us and why?

I personally haven’t trusted medical professionals, the media, or any political authorities in over 25 years, and my life, and my health, have reaped the benefits of that decision.

Our systems have been corrupted by money, power, greed and control.

Vibrant health and human happiness are NOT on the agenda – that much is very clear.

Thousands of years ago the Buddha said, “question everything.”

That ancient wisdom still holds true today.

Question what is going on in the world, and then make choices that support your health and your happiness.

Are you getting angry about what’s going on in the world?

I encourage you to transform that anger and use the energy wisely to fuel your next steps.