Shame on me? I don’t accept it. Do you?

I received an email from a woman named Dominique.

She said, “People are really suffering with thyroid disease and it’s a shame how you are trying to make a profit off of other people suffering if you have information that can save somebody’s life then just give it to them and share it with them.”

Actually, my website is set up to distribute healthy content to the masses. I share a wealth of knowledge about health and healing with people all over the world for FREE.

If there is something that someone wants information about, all they have to do is go to the navigation bar at the top of my website and click on the word “articles.”

A drop down menu will appear and there is FREE information on a wide variety of topics that I like to talk about and offer suggestions and solutions. If thyroid health is what someone is interested in, all they have to do is click on “thyroid health.”


Not only that, but I have hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes that I create monthly and have been taste testing (yum!) for the past 20 years. Those recipes are all on my website for FREE.

All you need to do click on the word “recipes” in the navigation bar and the drop down menu will appear with categories of food to choose from; animal proteins, beans, desserts & snacks, grain products, herbal recipes, salads, sea vegetables, soups and starters and vegetables.

If you are hungry for health, I’ve got you covered!

There is also an area called “Ask Andrea” area with videos of me answering people’s questions for FREE. The videos are light and fun and filled with healthy tidbits for people to learn from and enjoy.

And, if you still can’t find what you are looking for, there’s a magnifying glass in the top right corner where you can put whatever topic you are seeking and it will give you ALL of the content on my website with that particular word in it. Pick a word… any word… and try it out. It’s there to help you find what you need.

Beyond my FREE content that I happily create and share without restriction, I also spent money to film a couple of downloadable DVD’s on thyroid and adrenal health that are less than $10 each. It’s very affordable, a little more targeted, and there is no searching around because I’ve compiled most of the information already.

I’m also an author and have spent my time, energy and money creating books to share knowledge, healing recipes and ancient wisdom. The majority of my books are less than $20. This is a wonderful way for people to get access to my healing information at a very affordable price.

For people that need more support and guidance, as an educator and health coach, I have an online Thyroid program where I work with groups and offer counsel, inspiration and motivation to help folks get their endocrine system and thyroid back in balance. I walk them step-by-step through the process of healing and spend my time making sure they get exactly what they need.

Beyond my thyroid program, I have a variety of online health/education programs where I share wisdom and healing remedies.

My online programs are not free and are more expensive than my books and DVDs, because they need to be.

The profit that my company receives pays the people that keep my website up and running, the fees for the platform where all of the program videos and content is housed, the assistants that send out the information to the students and connect with them on the Facebook page, the customer service when students need assistance, and finally, it pays me to be able to keep doing my work.

I am grateful for all of the students, clients and people around the world that have purchased ANY of my products.

As a health coach and alternative-healing practitioner, the money I receive keeps me able to stay in business, generating content, sharing healing knowledge with the masses, and inspiring wellness WITHOUT having my voice censored or edited to fit into the mainstream media and not make any trouble.

With that being said… Dominque, I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, but I do NOT accept your shame. And, neither should you.

If you have not read my book, Happy Healthy Thyroid – The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally, please dive into chapter 11, A Deeper Truth About Thyroid Health. Part of healing the thyroid is about learning how to speak with grace and wisdom, rather than with shame and blame.

The energy we vibrate in our thyroid gland can either heal it or harm it. This is NOT something you will learn in the medical mainstream because there is no “science” to back it.

But I can tell you this… in my 20+ years of working with people with thyroid conditions, understanding and incorporating that bit of ancient wisdom makes a HUGE difference in their healing process.