Recipes you LOVED in 2019!

I love to eat.

You love to eat.

We all love to eat for gosh sakes!

And, even better, I know that you love to eat great food that is both nutritious and delicious (and made with love, of course).

So, my team went through the numbers and compiled the Top 5 Recipes in 2019.

These are the recipes on my website that got the most likes, loves, shares and were hopefully prepared and enjoyed by the masses.

Here they are for you in all of their healthful and delicious glory:

Sauteed Greens with Garlic and Olive Oil Mixed Sauteed Greens with Garlic and Olive Oil

By now, everyone knows that you gotta eat some greens to get on your way to better health!

But, it’s imperative to keep in mind that it’s not just what you eat that’s important, it’s how you cook it.

You may be cooking your greens all wrong! Eeek!

Use this easy recipe and properly saute your greens to gain the most benefit and get the best taste. Sauteed Greens in Garlic and Olive Oil

Cleansing Beet Apple and Fennel Salad

My clients and students know that I’m a BIG fan of doing a liver cleanse to support health and vitality.

There are strong liver cleanses and there are gentle (and delicious) liver cleanses. This one is the latter.

After trying this gentle liver cleanse my clients always ask, “Can I continue eating this for a longer period of time?”

That’s a good sign! Try it, you’ll like. I promise. Cleansing Beet and Apple Salad

Gut Healing Morning Porridge

So many people complain of digestive woes that it’s incredible. From gas and bloating to reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation.

Our poor gut takes a beating with poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Use this delicious morning porridge to soothe your tummy troubles and get you back in the game…of life. Gut-healing morning porridge.

Heart Strengthening Tea

Heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women around the world.

With those devastating heart disease statistics, this tea is needed now more than ever.

This tea contains five special ingredients, but one particular ingredient has been used for centuries to regulate the heartbeat and strengthen the heart muscle. Here’s the recipe for Heart Strengthening Tea

Hypothyroid Herbal Tea

Many of you know that besides being a health and wellness educator, I’m also a highly regarded thyroid expert.

Healing my thyroid disease naturally is how I got started in this business over two decades ago. And, I’m happy as heck to share that information with others.

Hypothyroid is the most popular of all of the thyroid conditions, so it only makes sense that this herbal recipe was at the top of the charts!

Sip this tea for thyroid-wellness Herbal Tea for Hypothyroid.


If there are other recipes on this site that are you favorites, let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you!