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Healthy View Radio Episode 51: Ask the Sexpert with Susan Bratton

Lube in your kitchen? Sexual salad dressing? Yup! We’ve got all that and more on this super-steamy episode featuring the “Dear Abby of Hot Sex” and author of Sexual Soulmates, Susan Bratton. We talked about why people are having less sex these days, how to have more, and how to enjoy intimacy in a fun, […]


Healthy View Radio Episode 44: Healing Autoimmune Disease with Aimee Raupp

You’ve heard us say it before, autoimmune disease is on the rise, especially in women. It can take upwards of eight YEARS to get a true diagnosis! On this episode of Healthy View Radio we talked to renowned health and wellness expert Aimee Raupp, who shows women in her practice that there is a much better way to live!


Healthy View Radio Episode 39: Thriving Through Adversity with Steve Gavatorta

This episode is all about thriving through adversity. Oy! We shared how we’ve coped with our hardest days, and we brought on Steve Gavatorta, author of In Defense of Adversity: Turning Your Toughest Challenges into Your Greatest Successes, to talk about the best ways to help you make it through the storm. He offered his […]