Product Description

The Whole Truth Eating and Recipe Guide is designed to give you a deeper understanding of food and its effect on long-term health and vitality. With this practical knowledge you can easily reach your ideal weight without restrictive dieting, increase energy levels and improve overall health.

Included in this enlightening and humorous guide are over 100 delicious and nutritious recipes to help you achieve better health with every scrumptious bite. It’s time to get off the fad diets (they don’t work!) and get the information you need about Better Food for Better Health today!

Here’s what people are saying: “By adding wholesome products into my diet I have been able to eliminate refined sugar intake on a daily basis. I also have Graves Disease, a hyperthyroid condition, and have been able to stay in remission by balancing my life and food. Thanks Andrea!” – Karyn Bender RPh

“Andrea’s recipes are basic and easy, her directions are flexible which makes it fun to prepare. You don’t have to be that exact so you don’t have to be fearful of messing up a recipe. I love Andrea’s style of teaching. So much enthusiasm. I wish her books could talk!” – Leslie Kay, Creative Recruiter

“By altering my food choices my energy level has increased tenfold (at least) and I’m happy that I dropped a few pounds without trying. Andrea’s recipes are delicious and satisfying – they make me feel like a million bucks!” – Teresa Theophano, Social Worker

“What a great combination; great food, easy recipes and comedy all together. The laughter is the perfect seasoning for all the delicious foods.” – Mary Lou Minard, Kripalu Yoga Teacher

“Working with Andrea has taken my health and eating habits to a whole new level: eating seasonally and appropriate to my environment, which foods to stay away from according to my health needs, and that’s just the tip of what I’ve learned. I feel better, I’m cooking more now and I feel more at peace.” – Amy Botelho ”

Andrea’s recipes are delicious and very easy to cook – even for people who think they can’t cook. Her food always makes me feel stronger, healthier and better after I eat it.” – Susan Weinstein, Sales

“If you knew that eating healthy would taste this good, I think everybody would be reformed.” – Linda Saul “Andrea’s recipes are wholesome well-balanced and simply delicious!” – Margaret Vuletic

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