Preserved Summer Vegetables in Olive Oil


Wash vegetables and chop into bite sized pieces. Place vegetables into a stainless steel pot and cover with vinegar, sea salt and sugar. Just enough vinegar to cover veggies. Bring all ingredients up to a boil and cook 2-3 minutes. Discard vinegar and let vegetables cool. Loosely pack the veggies into sterilized jars, alternating with oregano and rosemary between layers of vegetables. Cover vegetables completely with olive oil. Lightly press the veggies down to release any air pockets. Seal and store in the refrigerator for at least one week before opening. These veggies will last  1-2 months if completely covered in oil.

  • Terri Mazzei

    This sounds wonderful! Just one question to clarify…when you say seal, do you mean just put a two part lid on or does this need a water bath? Just checking, as I am assuming no bath is needed with the oil.

    • @c36996706844da85c58b0cbaa7873030:disqus – You are correct! No water bath with the oil. Keep the veggies covered in oil to preserve them. They are yummy!

  • The above Ingredients for how many peoples?

    • @SonomaFarm:disqus – the above recipe is to be enjoyed as a condiment. You keep it in the fridge and use a tablespoon or two with your meal.