Your organs are talking! Can you hear what they are saying?

According to ancient healing wisdom, your internal organs all have a direct connection to specific emotions: anger, joy, grief, sadness, compassion, worry, fear, and courage.

When our organs get the flavors, nutrients, Qi (chi or energy), and support they need, we naturally express ourselves as happy, joyful and well functioning human beings.

But, when the organ systems become congested, or if they are not receiving what they need (physically, emotionally, spiritually), they make it known by how someone expresses his or herself.

Below are some interesting examples.

The emotion anger lives in the liver

It’s healthy to have anger and express it, and then let it go. But, if someone is chronically angry, this can indicate liver congestion. In ancient medicine, the liver feeds the heart. Eventually, that liver congestion (excessive anger) negatively impacts the functioning of the heart, contributing to heart disease. Use sour foods and herbs for liver support.

The heart is not just a mechanical pump it is where joy lives

A joyful happy human reveals someone with healthy open heart. But, someone that is over-excited and frenetic shows a heart that is out of balance. If the heart does not get what it needs (nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually), this contributes to anxiety and an inability to sleep peacefully at night. The heart becomes restless. The bitter flavor supports the heart.

The lungs are where grief and sadness reside

It’s normal to experience the emotions of grief and sadness and we simply can’t get through this life without them. But, if grief doesn’t eventually resolve, a deficiency takes hold that depresses the lungs and inhibits circulation of Qi (energy). At that point, pneumonia or some other disorder can enter the lungs and further deplete a person’s energy or drain it entirely. You can witness this with long-term partnerships; when one partner exits the relationship or passes away, the other can easily develop lung disorders and/or suffer deep depression, or worse yet, pass away from a lung disease. Pungent/spicy foods help move lung energy.

The spleen is where sympathy and compassion make their home

If the spleen is overwhelmed, the person will feel excessively worried about everyone and everything. Chronic worriers expend all of their energy on things they cannot digest and/or control. This leaves them feeling lethargic and exhausted. The sweet flavor nourishes the spleen.

The kidneys are responsible for both courage and fear

When kidney essence is depleted from overwork, undernourishment and chronic fear (fear about the world, fear about finances, fear of not being supported, fear about everything!), this destroys a person’s quality of life and eventually drains the bones, contributing to osteoporosis. The salty flavor supports the kidneys.

By listening to what people say and how they say it, we can asses which organ systems needs support and healing.

What are your organs saying?

Are you stuck in an emotion?

If yes, look at the food you are eating to see if it is too much or too little of a specific flavor.

Balancing all of the flavors is the key to good health and happy organs.

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