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Nourishing Thyroid Health DVD

Now available as a download!

Running Time: 1 hour 26 minutes
Includes: 1 DVD and 6 page information guide, iodine rich stock recipe and worksheets


You will discover:

  • The environmental factors that contribute to thyroid disease
  • How diet can protect us
  • Which “healthy” foods inhibit thyroid functions
  • Why fat is imperative for the endocrine system
  • Our need for iodine rich foods
  • The metaphysical and mind/body connection to thyroid disease
  • What role the chakras play in supporting the endocrine system
  • How to recognize old behavior patterns that may be detrimental to thyroid
  • A simple and effective meditation to enhance thyroid health
  • And much more!

Use this DVD and get started healing your thyroid right away!


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Andrea Beaman is a internationally renowned Holistic Health Coach, Natural Foods Chef, Speaker and Herbalist. Named one of the top 100 Most Influential Health and Fitness Experts, she is also a recipient of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Award for Excellence in Health-Supportive Education and a Health Leadership award from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Since 1999, Andrea has been teaching individuals and health practitioners how to harness the body’s own preventative and healing powers using food, herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

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  1. Hi Andrea, I start reading about a Goitre that has been healed & my heart sings YESSSS! Then I start to learn a bit about the Thyroid & the importance of Iodine…I’ve been told not to take Iodine for my particular condition???? I have however grown up eating more than your average servings of food from the sea being a Fishermans’ daughter. I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to & maybe that is where my problem has begun? Who knows at the moment…certainly not the Drs I’ve been seeing