Nourishing Thyroid Health Program

Date: Begins Wednesday, October 30th, 2019
Place: Online
Cost: $997

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A supportive 4-month online program, that combines highly interactive learning sessions and includes LIVE coaching calls to get the support and guidance you need.

The program covers:

  • The environmental factors that contribute to thyroid disease and how you can eliminate them
  • Which “healthy” foods inhibit thyroid function and how toavoid them
  • Why fat is imperative for proper functioning of your endocrine system
  • Why focusing on TSH, T3 and T4 levels will keep you chasing your tail
  • The metaphysical and mind/body connection to thyroid disease
  • The role stress and blood sugar plays in breaking down the thyroid and endocrine system
  • Delicious recipes for optimizing thyroid health and how to cook them
  • Herbal remedies to reduce/eliminate debilitating symptoms
  • Why it’s essential to be patient with your healing process

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